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Are you planning on moving to San Jose? First, decide which area is favorable for living, find a decent apartment, think over many small nuances. Such planning will help you later not only make friends in the city among the locals, but also get along well with future neighbors, and besides, you will be ready for everything that may happen. By contacting the moving companies san jose group, each person will find support, because a competent San Jose moving company that works in the direction of California San Jose will help with the transfer of things. Without being distracted by unnecessary questions about where San Jose California, drivers will arrive at their destination on time. When moving to this city, it is worth remembering that the nightlife here is 100% vibrant, so if you like to have fun, then the city is just made for you.


If you want to compare living in California pros and cons, it’s important to start with the benefits. The bottom line is that living in san jose is full of pleasant surprises, namely:

  1. Good climate. The temperature is very favorable – in summer there is +35 Celsius, and in winter it does not fall below +12 Celsius:,_California
  2. Food. There are many eco-markets with healthy food in the city, so you can find everything your heart desires from the assortment.
  3. Friendly drivers. You can feel comfortable driving on the roads, because drivers let you through, do not honk and behave in a civilized manner.
  4. Apartments without furniture. Thinking about moving, most likely, the person will have all the furniture with him, so it’s good that there is no extra rubbish in the room.


  1. Difficult rental housing. In order to rent housing, you need to have a credit history and a social security number.
  2. Medicine is connected with an insurance. Calling an ambulance will cost $5,000, and insurance will cover this amount (its cost is about $600 for 3 people – a family).
  3. Prices. There are quite high prices, for example, 2 coffees at Starbucks will cost about $10.
  4. Prices are without tax. If the price tag says the amount, it does not mean that you can buy something for it. So, in the city they will add another + 7.5% to the purchase and this will be the state tax.


The best neighborhood in San Jose is located in the heart of the city – we are talking about Silicon Valley, which is located against the backdrop of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Therefore, if we talk about the best places to live in san jose, then undoubtedly that will be the center – Willow Glen, Cambrian Park, Blossom Valley, Almaden Valley and  the details are here. 


It is always important to consider when moving what is the cost of living in san jose. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost $2,200, while buying a home will cost about $5,400+ or ​​more per square meter. For travel by public transport, a subscription without restrictions for 1 year will be $770. Monthly food expenses for two people will cost approximately $400+ depending on preferences. Before you move, you still need to clarify how much movers san jose and the move itself will cost – then the picture of the cost of living will definitely add up to a single one.


You need to start with the fact that there are always jobs in san jose, and those who are looking for it will always find it. But at the same time, the city is considered an ideal place to work for those people who are associated with high technology. Often the salaries are quite high, and it is possible to find a job even before you decide on san jose moving. The main thing is to pass the interviews.


We can confidently answer in the affirmative to the question is san jose a good place to live, because here you can find a job, movers of the moving company will come here and help with the move, the city is always warm, life is seething and you can find a hobby to your liking. Therefore, if you are moving, don’t forget that movers and packers san jose will always come to the rescue.

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