7 Things You Must Know Before Visiting the USA

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The United States of America is a gem of a country that is home to a diverse population and countless treasures that entices people from around the globe to visit the country. 

The country is home to iconic landmarks, diverse landscapes, and a plethora of urban centers to explore. You can have a vast variety of experiences and adventures in the country. 

If you are visiting the country for the first time, it is best to book your accommodation in advance, and you can visit sites like AmericanOtels.com to book your lodging and rental cars. 

Besides being a beautiful country, the culture is also very diverse, and it might be a cultural shock if you are a first-time visitor. If you are visiting from Europe or Asia, then you will realize that things are done quite differently in the USA. So, there are seven things that you must know before visiting the country. 

States and Regions

The country is divided into four regions: West, Midwest, Northwest, and the South. These regions are further divided into fifty states. 

The country is highly diverse when it comes to terrain and geography. For instance, the Midwest region if the country is known for grassy plains, lakes, and forests. On the other hand, the Northeast region is known for its mountains. 

Traveling Within the Country

The country has a total area of more than 3.5 million square miles, which makes it one of the largest countries in the world. So, the cities that you would want to visit on your trip are quite distant from each other. 

Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can get around the country, as you can opt for a rental vehicle or a bus. 

If you are on a budget-friendly trip, then hopping on a bus to get around will save you a lot of dollars. So, be prepared for long road trips around the country. 

Tipping Culture of the States

Unlike Japan, where tipping is not acceptable and can even be considered rude, the USA has a big tipping culture wherein it is appreciated, but it is an unspoken rule. As per the culture, leaving a ten to twenty percent tip is acceptable and highly appreciated. 

So, do not forget to leave a handsome tip whenever you are in a taxi, restaurant, or bar. 

Pay More Than What is Displayed

When shopping in the USA, the price is different from what is displayed on the price tag as it does not include the ten percent sales tax. However, the tax varies from state to state, but you can expect a sales tax of ten percent. 

Explore the National Parks

The states have one of the most extensive webs of national parks in the world. There are more than sixty national parks spread across the country that boast lush forests and other landscapes that you can enjoy with your family. 

National parks such as Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Yosemite National Park are worth visiting. 

Keep Your ESTA Handy

Before planning your visit, you must understand the visa requirements of the country. 

The United States offers a Visa Waiver Program for countries like Australia, Denmark, and Belgium. The nationals from these countries can enter the USA for ninety days without a visa. However, you need to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and wait for approval. 

Don’t Make Plans Without Travel Insurance

Travel insurance should be one of the main considerations when traveling to the US. Otherwise, if you ever need to go to a hospital, you would have to pay exorbitant prices for healthcare. So, it is wise to invest in travel insurance to safeguard your trip. 

So, these are some of the tips that you must keep in mind when visiting the United States to make your trip memorable and convenient. 

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