5 Things to Do During a Weekend in Detroit

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So, you’re looking for a weekend getaway – why not visit Detroit? Sure, it may not be the first city that comes to mind when you want to plan a couple of days away from your normal life. But this city has plenty to offer tourists looking to learn new things, see beautiful sights, and relax near the gorgeous Great Lakes. 

No matter if you’re spending a weekend in Detroit in the summer or winter, you definitely do not want to miss these attractions. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy while spending time in this city. 

Motown Museum

Get your funk on at the Motown Museum. Walk through the place where some of music’s greatest legends, including Marvin Gaye, recorded their catchiest hits between 1957 and 1972. 

You can admire the recording equipment and records displayed in the unique museum while learning about the history of music and its impact on society. 

Henry and Clara Ford House

Detroit is the home of Henry Ford, known for his implementation of the assembly line at Ford Motors. The couple moved into the enormous estate in 1915 and lived there until their deaths. The estate features a man-made lake, over 500 birdhouses, a pony house, and so much more. 

You’ll admire the gorgeous architecture, which does have to be restored from time to time with such techniques that Brickworks Property Restoration uses on other Detroit homes. Don’t let the restoration deter you, though! There is plenty to enjoy on this rich estate.

Greenfield Village

Take a step back in time and enjoy the history that Greenfield Village has to offer. You can walk along 100 historical houses and enjoy a museum right in the open. Soak up the information and even admire an old-time train sitting on tracks made hundreds of years ago. 

Detroit Public Library

First opened in 1865, the Detroit Public Library is definitely something you do not want to miss while staying in this city. The city relocated the library to its current location in 1921. The paintings and architecture are truly breathtaking, as is the vast collection of books. In fact, the library was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places to be preserved for years to come. 

Belle Isle Island

Did you know there is a small island, about three miles in length, that sits in the Detroit River? During the summer and warmer months, you can enjoy beautiful hikes on the island and even the aquarium that is home to hundreds of exotic fish.   

This is definitely an activity you want to participate in when the weather is nice. You’ll get to experience tranquil and gorgeous nature while staying in one of the bustling major cities in the United States. 

Don’t underestimate all that Detroit has to offer! From museums to historical neighborhoods to lovely natural settings, you’ll find the city to be quite enjoyable – especially if the weather is nice. 

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