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Do Britons take their holidays?

Are You Getting Enough Holiday from Work?

For the first time in my life, I’m experiencing the 9 to 5 world. After roughly 7 years of globetrotting and blogging, it was time for me to put down some roots, move to London and get an apartment. When you work for yourself it can be difficult to get motivated sometimes, so I decided […]

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4 Cruise Ideas for 2016

Looking to inject some excitement into your life in 2016? Booking a fun cruise holiday will fix this problem, as the carefree environment aboard these ships will provide the perfect counterweight to the drabness of your current routine. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities that can bring the spark of passion back into […]

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My 2016 Travel Wish List

2016. A New Year = a whole world of new possibilities. As the year comes to a close I realise that yet again, my life is rich with incredible moments and travel experiences. I started off the year with a trip to Montenegro, I then hopped on plane to Estonia, took a bus through Russia […]

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The gift of travel

Even though it might be cutting it fine for this Christmas, National Holidays have carried out some research which has come up with some very interesting information about the sort of presents that friends and loved ones would really like to both give and receive. The idea behind the survey was to discover which had […]

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The best romantic resorts of the South Caucasus

Most people associate a romantic vacation with such famous cities as Paris and Venice. But in fact, there are so many less-discovered romantic places in the world that are no less beautiful and worth visiting. So if you want to try something completely new we offer you a trip to the South Caucasus –  a […]

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5 Best Cities for Tourists in Yorkshire

Yorkshire boasts a couple of the United Kingdom’s biggest cities and many a tourist destination for both Brits and foreigners alike.  Many a famous landmark is located in this part of England, and the county offers many attractions for visitors both young and old, with so much on offer. Here are five cities you should […]

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Picardy: A Lesser Known French Destination

When planning a visit to France your first thoughts are probably popular cities like Paris or Nice, but if you want to explore the real, authentic side of a country, I’d always recommend heading to some lesser known destinations. Picardy is a little known destination in the north of France that’s easily accessible by car […]

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