Why You Should Follow the Slow Travel Philosophy

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In a world where everyone is in a hurry, we get used to the frantic pace of going about things. So many of us bring this habit of restlessness even into our vacations and end up stressing ourselves with our long list of things to do. This is why the slow travel philosophy is so important and helpful for modern men and women.

Slow travel allows you to savor the travel experience and find meaning in every moment. It allows you to be more conscious and present in your travels. So, if you are interested in the art and philosophy of slow travel, read on.

You Can Save Travel Expenses

By following the slow travel philosophy, you will be able to chalk out much better plans. You may consider things that you wouldn’t have ordinarily considered, like staying at a charming, little local hotel or homestay or a local Airbnb and eating at local restaurants. You can even rent a room in an apartment or consider housesitting.

You can also consider cooking for yourself and saving money. Many people even like to volunteer or teach people as a way to spend their free hours. It will enrich your experience and help you learn more about the culture and attitude of the people. 

Enjoy Being One of the Locals

You can enjoy becoming one of the locals, learn and use the local language and take in the full experience of what it feels like to feel deeply connected to the place. You can also dress like a local and experience the joy of exploring the local markets and buying from family-run businesses. 

You may form some deep connections with the people in the place and get to explore the places in ways that you had never expected. You may find yourself as a guest enjoying a meal at one of the locals’ homes. 

You can even participate in the culture of the local people and enjoy their local shows, performances or watch a movie at the local cinema hall. This will allow you to have an immersive and satisfying experience. You will undoubtedly be an interesting person with lots of stories to tell when you go back home. 

It’s Good for the Environment

You can ditch the means of transport and consider just walking from one place to another. Not only will you get a great workout, but you will also learn to slow down and notice details that you otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Many beautiful tourist destinations around the world experience pollution troubles because of the number of tourists that visit them every year. By choosing to walk, you can make a difference. You can consider forming a walking group with your friends or picking a nice hike trail to have a slow day. You can also consider renting a bicycle. 

It Gives You the Rest You Deserve 

Slow travel gives you the opportunity to learn what it means to love and honor yourself. You can indulge in lots of self-care activities and get a good rest. You will be able to rest with no judgment! The slow travel philosophy helps you avoid getting burned out on your vacation. A burnout defeats the whole point of the vacation, and it makes for a bitter vacation experience.

Consider staying at the hotel, ordering room service, or perhaps even cooking for yourself. You can write in your journal or watch television. Once you come back from your vacation, you may find yourself rejuvenated and in much better health.

It’s a Great Opportunity to Detox from Technology

While it is not recommended to eliminate the important role and uses of technology in your travel, slow travel undoubtedly offers you the great opportunity of learning to live in the moment. So many tourists rush through their travels and take in all the sights through their cameras, and this leads to a feeling of being disconnected. 

However, if you limit the use of technology and avoid the temptation of uploading every little happening on social media platforms, you may be surprised at just how quiet your mind gets and at the sense of well-being that will rush in on you very quickly. You may even find yourself completely transformed after the vacation and have a renewed desire to have better technology habits. 

Your Time is Well Spent!

Although many people prefer the convenience of traveling fast, a good portion of the time is spent at the airports or train stations. There may be unnecessary flight delays or a change in the train timetable that may limit your vacation time as well. 

However, in case of slow travel, you are more likely to be careful about your timeline and set a lovely timeframe. Unlike most tourists who end up spending time in long queues, you are less likely to be afraid of missing out on things, and you may find yourself actually engaging in the experience that is presented to you moment to moment with all your senses. 

Slow travel is a great way to get away from the crowds and be a unique tourist that explores places that other tourists are never likely to discover. Unlike most tourists who spend time checking their maps, you can choose to wander and see what you run into!

You Learn More About Yourself

Slow travel can be a very contemplative and meditative experience. It allows you to pause and reflect on your life and where you are headed. You can even consider joining a meditation retreat and learning how to meditate. Hence, a slow travel experience can have incredible therapeutic value.  

All in All

Once you are back from your slow travels, you may find yourself slowing down even in your ordinary everyday life, both at the workplace and at home. Hence, following the slow travel philosophy can truly change your life for the better and make you a much more peaceful person who has gratitude for every moment of your life experience.

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