18 May White Horses at Lipica Stud Farm, Slovenia

Lipica Stud Farm White Horses, Slovenia

Lipica stud farm in Slovenia breeds beautiful white Lipizzaner horses. Located in the Karst region of Slovenia, the stud farm offers guided tours at set times of the day.

The Lipica stud farm was established in 1580 by the Austrian Archduke Karl II and it has been developing for over 400 years. The stud farm is located amongst lush green fields and is known not only for its horse breeding, but also for the performances of its classic riding school.

We were taken on a tour to see the stables, the riding school, the paddocks, the carriages and the indoor arena. Our tour guide gave us very detailed information about the breeding of the horses and the history of the farm, although at some points it was difficult to understand all of his English!

In the stables we had the chance to meet a few of these beautiful horses and pat them on the nose. It’s no wonder that nobles favoured white horses-it’s astonishing how ethereal and graceful they look.

White Lipizzaner Horse, Lipica Stud Farm, Slovenia

Our guide then took us to the room where they store the carriages, including the carriage that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth took a ride in on her visit to the stud farm. We had a peek inside the carriage at the wonderful royal blue interior, before making our way to the indoor arena.Here there are pictures of the Queen and Prince Phillip from their visit and I have to say, there is a picture of her looking less than amused!

Queen's Carriage Lipica Stud Farm, Slovenia

Photo of the Queen at Lipica Stud Farm, Slovenia

Unfortunately we had to dash so we couldn’t stay for the riding school performance, but this is supposed to be an incredible show.

My friend and I were both desperate to go horse riding during our trip to Slovenia, but unfortunately you can only go riding at Lipica stud farm if you undergo formal training at the riding school. You can, however, take a horse and carriage ride around the estate.

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