What’s The Best Way to Minimize the Cost of Ship your Car to Hawaii?

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Even though most factors that affect the cost to ship car to Hawaii cannot be controlled, some methods will help you lessen the expense. Nevertheless, it is good to remember not to fall right away to anything that seems too good to be true. 

Here are some of the ways that will help you save money if you plan to ship your car to Hawaii:

Opt for an Open Trailer Car Transport

You can choose an open trailer for your car if it is not a luxury, antique, or exotic vehicle. An open trailer is recommended if you are not keen on the chances of your car being exposed to different external elements, such as getting exposed to different weather. An open trailer is often more affordable than an enclosed trailer. 

An enclosed trailer can be 50% more expensive compared to an open trailer. Nevertheless, you can expect your car to be more secure and safer from various elements such as dust, rain, snow, and debris during transport. 

Even though your car will be out in the open, this option is not as bad as you think. It is a very rare occurrence that your car will get damaged because of this. Whatever car shipping type you choose, professional car transport companies guarantee the safety of cars throughout the car shipment process.

Understanding How Important Timing Is

If there is no specific time frame needed for your car to be shipped, it is better to wait until the peak period is over. It is recommended to avoid scheduling your car shipment to Hawaii in summer or from May to around September. 

You would also not want to do it during fall and winter since many from the northern states choose to ship their cars to warmer places. If you are not in a time crunch, you can save by avoiding these peak periods. 

Moreover, it is best to schedule your car shipping services several months in advance of your desired schedule. This is to give your car shipping company enough time to make sure they have the needed people, equipment, and trailer. If you book your schedule too close, the schedule might be filled up or closed already. It will cost you more if you have your car transported in a rush. 

Ship Multiple Cars

If you own more than one car, you can lower the car shipping cost when you ship them all together rather than one by one. Car shipping companies can give discounts when you have two to three cars shipped in one go. That is because these companies can save more time and work since they do not need to pick up multiple cars in different locations or residences. 

Choose Terminal-to Terminal Shipment

It is indeed convenient to have your car picked up from your home and delivered to its specific destination. Nevertheless, you can save a lot of money when you choose a terminal-to-terminal type of shipment. It is cheaper because your car will be dropped off and picked up from terminals where other cars also wait to be picked up. Since there is no need for the driver to go to different homes, the service is more cost-efficient. 

You simply need to drive your car to the terminal, and your car shipping company will take care of the rest. You can check if there is a terminal near your area since many car terminals are conveniently located. 

If you are considering this shipment option, you need to keep in mind some of the disadvantages. If you cannot get your car as scheduled, you can be charged by the terminal for storage expenses which makes the total shipping cost more expensive. Although it is very unlikely to happen, your car can get stolen since most terminals do not have guards. 

Be Flexible with the Schedule

Many car shipping companies give you the option to choose your pickup and delivery schedule. Nevertheless, this is more expensive. The cost can be lower if you do not provide exact pickup or dropoff dates. 

Your car shipping company can also offer a discount if the schedule is during the peak season. You just have to remember that this depends on your availability and convenience since you need to be there when you are picked up and dropped off. Also, avoid shipping your car during storm season because there might be plenty of delays during that time. 

Ask for Quotes

Saving car shipping costs does not mean you go to a company that offers a very low car shipping service rate. Therefore, it is best to research and ask for quotes from various companies to determine what deal works best without compromising service quality. 

If the rate is too low, this is a bad indicator because you will likely get cheap service. It is recommended to go for companies that have a good reputation. Reading customer reviews can help you choose the right car shipping company. 


Finally, when shipping your car to Hawaii, one of the first things you consider is how much to ship a car to Hawaii. The process of having your car shipped does not mean you will have to spend a lot. If you follow some of the tips given, you can save a lot. 

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