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Top Considerations When Choosing a Vacation Rental

Finding the right vacation rental is a crucial step when organizing a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. When evaluating different options, you should take into account numerous factors, ranging from location to amenities to security. This article will list the most important considerations when choosing a vacation rental.

Is it conveniently located?

It should be easy for you to reach all the planned attractions and activities from the place where your accommodation is located. If you plan to move by public transportation, ensure your vacation rental is close enough to bus, tram, or metro stops. 

It should also be within a reasonable distance from a grocery store, a drug store, and other useful places. 

What are the available amenities?

Accommodation with the right quantity and types of amenities can make your vacation much more pleasant and can be the difference between a good and a great stay.

You want to ensure your vacation rental has a fully stocked kitchen, all the necessary linens and toiletries, high-speed internet, and a washing machine. These should all be a must.

Smart devices are a big plus, as they can make your stay much more comfortable. Examples include smart TVs, smart lighting, and smart HVAC.

If you’re going on a winter vacation, you should check whether your desired accommodation has an indoor fireplace, which can help create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Is the area noisy?

If you are aiming for relaxation, make sure you pick a vacation rental that is located in a quiet area or neighborhood. Ideally, the place you choose should be far from the main roads, bars, and clubs.

Choosing a quiet location is crucial when on vacation with young children or elderly people, as they are in particular need of quality sleep. Your accommodation should be a place where you can rest both at night and in the afternoon without worrying about loud voices, music, and honks coming in from outside.

What security measures are in place?

For your holiday to be stress-free, it’s important that you pick a vacation rental with the right security measures in place.

For starters, you should make sure your vacation rental presents all the basic safety features, such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Then, you should make sure strong door locks and modern access control solutions protect the accommodation. These may come in the form of fob or card readers, as well as digital credentials that allow you to open and close doors with your smartphone.

Your vacation rental should also have systems in place to verify visitors’ identities. An IP video intercom is a perfect example of such a solution. It lets you see who is ringing the doorbell and grant access remotely.

Does it have outdoor areas?

Outdoor areas can make your vacation rental more enjoyable by allowing you to use them for more than just sleeping and eating.

These areas are a great space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor areas may come in different forms, including a garden, a patio, a balcony, and a rooftop.

Regardless of the type of outdoor area, you should ensure it has adequate lighting for safety reasons.

Outdoor amenities you should look for in your vacation rental include outdoor seating, picnic tables, and barbeque grills. Outdoor fire pits are also a popular vacation amenity as they create a great ambiance for evening relaxation.

Outdoor areas should be designed in a way that can provide occupants with both enjoyability and privacy. Ideally, they should be protected by bushes, trees, or fenced areas from roads and neighboring properties.

Does the landlord offer a good cancellation policy?

It’s important to make you that your vacation rental has a cancellation policy in place. After all, we may have to cancel with very short notice due to unexpected events. 

A good cancellation place should be flexible enough to accommodate both parties. On the one hand, it should protect the landlord’s income by guaranteeing compensation. On the other hand, it should allow renters to cancel without paying an unreasonably high penalty.

For example, many landlords offer a full refund if you cancel the booking before a certain deadline and a partial refund if you cancel after that. Don’t forget to take out a good travel insurance policy too.

How good are the reviews?

If you are reserving your vacation rentals on an online booking platform, it can be very helpful to look at the reviews left by previous apartment occupants.

You should avoid those accommodations that have multiple negative reviews, as there is a good probability that you will have a similar experience.

While reviews also depend a lot on previous renters’ personal tastes, accommodations that have a high percentage of positive reviews tend to be the safest bed.

Don’t just base yourself on the star rating; read each review carefully to assess whether the accommodation suits your needs.

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  1. Apart from the proximity to the city center, I think I mainly go by the reviews while choosing a vacation rental. I do not know how to be sure of security though.

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