The Ultimate Sharm El-Sheikh Travel Guide

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When you book your Egypt tour packages, you will always see that Sharm El-Sheikh is the top tourist attraction in the Sinai Peninsula, as well as one of the most famous diving destinations worldwide.Sharm El-Sheikh is the top tourist attraction in the Sinai Peninsula, as well as one of the most famous diving destinations worldwide. 

It features undersea beauties in the Red Sea, especially the Ras Mohammed marine reserve waters  in the south part of the city, making Sharm El-Sheikh a diving and snorkeling heaven attracting a considerable number of divers each year.

Sharm El-Sheikh is also a great place to visit if you just plan a beach break, and it is notably popular among families who want to vacation there because of the superb facilities. 

Whichever is the reason for your trip to the Sinai Peninsula, make sure to read on for all the essential information!

Do I need a visa to go to Sharm El-Sheikh?

Egypt decided to facilitate tourists’ lives and attract even more visitors by introducing the electronic visa system. 

e-Visa to Egypt is an electronic travel and entry permit approved by the Egyptian government that simply serves as an equivalent of a traditional visa. 

Citizens of countries eligible for an e-Visa can apply for an electronic travel permit entirely online at least one business week before their planned trip. 

e-Visa eliminates costly and time-consuming procedures and numerous Embassy visits! The whole process can be completed using any working device with an internet connection, even your phone.

Get all the essential Egypt e-Visa-related information on and submit your application within minutes from home! The approved document will reach your email inbox in the form of a PDF file.

Travelers can choose from two Egypt e-Visa types: single-entry or multiple-entry; depending on how many times they wish to enter Egypt. 

Both e-Visas can be used for the purposes of tourism, business, and transit, and their costs are 69 Euro (single-entry)  and 99 Euro (multiple-entry)

Things you cannot miss when in Sharm El Sheikh

  1. Exploring the Ras Mohammed National Park

The park is credited with establishing Sharm el-Sheikh as a top travel destination. This  peninsula, 38 kilometres south of Sharm, is full of gorgeous beaches with excellent snorkeling right offshore, the second most northerly mangrove forest in the world, and a saltwater lake. 

All of these attractions in the surroundings are some of the most fantastic dive locations that one could look for all over the world.

Full of amazing coral reefs, accessible only by boat, the park is not without a reason recognized as the heaven for divers. The park is also heavily guarded, so you can neither feed animals, catch fish, nor enter the closed areas. 

  1. Discovering the Thistlegorm Wreck

A vacation to Sharm el-Sheikh for many skilled divers simply means diving to see the Thistlegorm. This ship, loaded with cargo to replenish British troops, was bombarded and sunk by German forces during the Second World War, making it one of the best wreck dives worldwide.

Fish now flit around the cargo holds, packed with jeeps, motorcycles, and munitions that never made it to the front, since the wreck is located in the Straits of Gubal, off the Sinai Paninsula’s western coast.  Tourists can be offered overnight tours too.

  1. Soaking up the Sun at Naama Bay

Naama Bay, surrounded by a white-sand beach and arching palm trees, is the heart of Sharm el-resort Sheikh’s scene. If you get tired of the sand, there are plenty of bars, cafés, and gift shops, but Naama Bay is simply a beach spot. 

A promenade only for pedestrians surrounds the entire beach, flanked by a collection of high-end and mid-range hotels. Naama Bay is one of Egypt’s top choices for people searching for a lazy sunbathing holiday. 

The entire beach area is well-equipped, with plenty of sunshades and sunbeds and beachside cafés, so you won’t have to leave your sandy paradise for the whole day.

  1. The Sharm Old Market

Located in the oldest district of Sharm El Sheikh, the Sharm Old Market (also called Sharm al-Maya), is full of dazzling Arabic lanterns, classic shisha pipes, and elegantly etched woodwork. It’s here where you can buy literally everything! 

It’s ideal for visiting around sunset or a bit later in the evening when the temperature is much lower, and you may do shopping and look for some gems in peace. The area is also full of inexpensive and lively bars and cafés, making it a great spot to go out and spend a nice evening.

Because the restaurants in the resort districts offer the dishes of foreign cuisines, this is one of the best sites in Sharm el-Sheikh to try traditional Egyptian cuisine. You can also order standard café, shisha and Arabic coffee.  

Additionally, the Old Market is located close to the Al-Sahaba mosque that has two minarets over 70 meters. You can go for a walk in the evening and admire the spectacular views of the illuminated icon of Islam. 

What to Eat & Drink

Sharm El Sheikh is a magnet for high-end restaurants and exciting nightlife. The restaurants along this stretch of the Red Sea shoreline provide unforgettable dining experiences with delectable cuisine ranging from Thai cuisine to traditional Egyptian favorites. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the best restaurants and bars in the area.

White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar

The award-winning White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar is open to the public and is part of the Royal Albatros Moderna hotel complex. The restaurant’s decor is tastefully furnished and provides the ideal setting for a genuine and classy dining experience. 

The restaurant’s outstanding menu blends exquisitely prepared sushi with Thai specialties such as Mongolian beef, pad Thai noodles, and Thai curry. White Elephant Thai Restaurant is a must-visit for everyone who wants to experience high-end Thai food while in Sharm El Sheik.

La Fleur

In Sharm El Sheikh’s Maritim Hotel on Naama Bay, there’s an exquisite French à la carte restaurant called La Fleur. The restaurant’s menu focuses on traditional French dishes like veal medallions and grilled fish, as well as other meat delights like steak variants. 

La Fleur is one of the only establishments in town with a great assortment of imported international wines to go along with the local alcoholic delicacies. La Fleur is a sophisticated restaurant that offers a truly gourmet dining experience, ideal for a romantic evening or special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

On Deck – Floating Restaurant

On Deck, Sharm El Sheikh’s first floating restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with a breathtaking perspective of the city’s Naama Bay and fascinating perspectives into the Red Sea’s underwater world. 

In an exquisite ambiance with exceptionally attentive service, guests may enjoy a varied menu and unique beverages. On Deck specializes in elegant Mediterranean cuisine, such as mushroom risotto and marinated lamb chops, as well as high-quality seafood delights. The lobster and jumbo shrimp, which arrive fresh from the market every morning, are undoubtedly the restaurant’s specialties.

Camel Bar & Roof

Camel Bar & Roof, in Naama Bay’s core, is primarily made up of three different bar spaces: By day, the Camel Bar is a sports bar with six giant screens displaying all major sporting events from football and rugby to motorsport, and by night, it’s a club with a mix of live music and local DJs spinning anything from rock to dance and RnB. 

The second space terrace bar is ideal for anyone who simply wants to relax and enjoy the bar’s broad drink and snack menu while watching people go by. Finally, there’s the roof bar, a laid-back hangout with DJs spinning funky tunes and offering clients panoramic views of the bay.

Viva Beach

Viva Beach is a terrific beach bar near the Naama Bay promenade that offers the ideal setting for both relaxing and enjoying a refreshing drink after a day at the beach, as well as enjoying a candlelight supper. 

The bar’s extensive drink menu is enhanced by grilled specialties, fresh fish, and other seafood specialties. In the evenings, Viva Beach also hosts live music events.

Accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh

Steigenberger Alcazar

Steigenberger Alcazar is a new venue in Nabq, which is around 15 minutes from Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport. 

This five-star resort has a 30 000-square-meter private beach with underwater views and three heated swimming pools in the winter. Free WiFi is available throughout the resort and in the rooms for guests.

Rixos Premium Seagate

This 5-star resort in Sharm El Sheikh is situated on the beach, surrounded by palm trees. Rixos Premium Seagate offers a Premium Ultra All Inclusive Concept with a private beach and aqua park. 

It has eight swimming pools, one of which is inside, as well as one buffet restaurant, nine à-la-carte restaurants, and eleven bars. It comes with free WiFi.

Sunrise Montemare Resort

The SUNRISE Montemare Resort -Grand Select- in Sharm El Sheikh has four outdoor pools, a private beach, and a restaurant. Each accommodation has a balcony or patio with views of the Garden or the Sea. 

There is a flat-screen TV in each room, as well as air conditioning. There’s also a kettle that’s powered by electricity. A hairdryer and bathrobes are included in the private bathroom, which also has a shower.

Final thoughts

Sharm El Sheikh may be the ideal vacation resort, with fantastic beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, and some of the top dive spots in the world. What is more, the city is the prominent location at the southern extremity of the Sinai Peninsula, while its vicinity to the desert, lends mystery and romance to the town.

Apply for your Egypt e-Visa and enjoy your stay in Sharm El Sheikh! Unforgettable moments guaranteed!

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