The Most Beer-Worthy Places to Visit in Europe

“Beercations” are something that any beer lover looks forward to, however they take a considerable amount of planning, time and of course money. But if the opportunity arises for you to travel and taste different kinds of beer across Europe, you would be silly not to take it!  In this article we will look at the top destinations any beer lover should visit this year.

Our top destinations to visit 

Munich – Beer lovers need no introduction to Munich.  If you were to think about beer, probably almost everyone will think about Germany and the famous Munich Oktoberfest. I’m pretty sure rivers could be filled with the German craft lager beers consumed at this festival. For those that aren’t familiar, it is a two-week-long festival held in Munich from late September to the first Sunday in October and is visited by around 6 million people each year. This is a perfect opportunity to try some amazing craft lager beers – and get into that festival spirit! 

Bruges – Belgium is world-renowned for its beers, especially its famous “white beer”. We recommend trying this sweet beer with a dash of lemon – it is the perfect drink after spending the day exploring this beautiful city, and it is a great destination to go to with your partner, family or friends. 

Dublin – Dublin and its citizens are known around the world for their love of beer – however, this can sometimes outshine the beautiful city. When visiting Dublin, you will find no end of pubs which offer a wide selection of craft beers to choose from. You can’t go to Dublin without trying a Guinness, porter or stout! Get ready to enjoy the excellent vibes that the city has to offer, this is the perfect trip for a quick weekend away with the boys or a stag do.  

Copenhagen – Copenhagen has long been brewing some of the best beers, from Carlsberg to Mikkeller, it needs no introduction to beer lovers. Copenhagen’s beer lovers were one of the first countries in Europe to embrace the beer revolution and the change it was going to be facing. The city has gradually developed into arguably one of the most interesting destinations in Europe, for those that are open-minded and have an interest in the fine art of beer brewing. 

Zagreb –This city is quickly becoming popular for its thriving beer scene, and is emerging into the craft beer market. Many craft brewers in Zagreb use a complete platform for brew masters to manage their beer production, raw materials, order processing, and more, which ultimately means they can produce high-quality beverages for their valued customers to sample. Zagreb has the benefit of being close to Germany, but a great deal cheaper in comparison. Some of the most highly rated bars include The Craft room and The garden Brewery, which are well worth a visit on your European beer drinking adventure.  

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