Russia Travel Guide

Russia Travel Guide

An Intro to Russia

At the moment it’s not advisable to go to Russia due to the ongoing problems with Putin and his invasion of the Ukraine. However, I’ve visited Russia in the past and found it to be a fascinating place.

Most tourists visiting Russia travel to the two major cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. St. Petersburg has a more “European” feel with a more relaxed vibe and is often likened to Paris or Vienna. It was the capital for over 200 years and is home to numerous palaces built for the Tsars.

Moscow is a sprawling city that’s home to famous sights such as the Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. Personally I preferred Moscow, but there are lots of people who prefer St. Petersburg.

Lots of tours to Russia include a visit to Novgorod, which is located between the two cities. Novgorod is the oldest in Russia and is home to many churches and monasteries.

When visiting Russia you’ll usually need to make sure you have a visa from the Russian Embassy or Consulate before you go. You can’t get a visa on arrival, so make sure you organize your visa before you go.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia

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