Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

Visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

When I think of Germany I always think of cars; Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche…and Mercedes-Benz. My parents have always stuck to German cars because they’re so reliable- my mother has been driving the same Volkswagen Golf for over 15 years!

Mercedes Benz Museum

Naturally with such a strong car industry, German car manufacturers have created their own tourist attractions in the form of auto- museums.

If you ever get the chance to visit Stuttgart, you must either pays a visit to the Porsche Museum or the Mercedes-Benz Museum. If you have time I would visit both but if you can only do one I would recommend just choosing which car brand you prefer.

I visited the home of Mercedes-Benz, which is the only exhibition of its kind in the world to document the 127-year history of the automobile industry without a break.

I was amazed by the architecture of the museum itself- it really reminded me of their sleek cars and was so futuristic looking. Designed by UN Studio, the building is based on a cloverleaf concept using three overlapping circles with the center removed to form a triangular atrium. On nine levels and covering a floor space of 16,500 square metres, the museum presents 160 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits.

Mercedes Benz Museum

When you enter the museum there is an impressive display of cars that are literally attached to the walls as if they are paintings. Others are placed on glass podiums so they look like they are hovering in the air. I’m not usually a ‘museum person’, but I instantly knew I was going to like this one.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

With your ticket you are given an audio guide in your language of choice. You then go up to the top floor in an elevator and make your way down through the various floors, which take you through the history of the automobile industry from its inception to the present day. When you see something interesting, you can point your audio device at the little icon on the display to find out more.

Mercedes-Benz Audio Tour

I spent my entire time taking photos of the cars and humming the tune to Janis Joplin’s “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz, my friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends…”

Honestly though, I found myself trying to choose which car I would buy if I suddenly became a billionaire. I’ve decided this was my favourite as I love the colour green:

Mercedes Benz Museum Green Car

Or maybe this Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe would do nicely…

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe

It was also interesting to see all the other various types of automobiles that Mercedes-Benz manufactures, including buses, coaches, police cars and trucks.

Mercedes Benz Bus

I took far too many photos but I had a good time and 2-hours passed by very quickly. The tour culminated with a Mercedes S-Class exhibition and a display of race cars…

Mercedes S-Class Exhibition

Mercedes Benz Museum Race Cars

After our 2-hour tour of the museum we had lunch in the contemporary restaurant, which serves traditional Swabian food such as Maultaschen, Schnitzel, and Spaetzle. I’m still not sure if I’m keen on Swabian food, but I liked my beef steak and the wheat beer definitely went down well!

Food Mercedes Benz Museum

Lunch at Mercedes Benz

Getting to the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Please note: The museum is CLOSED on Mondays. Open from Tuesday-Sunday. Check their website for opening hours.

It is super easy to travel to the Mercedes-Benz Museum by public transportation. Simply take the S-Bahn from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof to “Neckarpark (Mercedes-Benz)” and follow the signs.

There is coat check when you enter!

My visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum was part of a 10-day rail trip exploring the Baden-Wurttenberg region of Germany. The trip- #BaWuByTrain– was sponsored by the DB Bahn and the tourism board. All opinions here are my own. 

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