Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to Japan

Japan is such a unique country that’s like no other place on earth. Land in Tokyo and you feel like you’ve stepped into a whole other world, where toilets have a gazillion different buttons and cafes come in all different themes. Cat cafes, monster cafes, Moomin cafes…the list is endless.

But for me, the best parts of Japan are outside Tokyo. Japan is actually a chain of four different islands and has 47 different administrative districts called “prefectures”. I’ve visited both Yamaguchi and Kagoshima and was blown away by the breathtaking scenery. First-time visitors to Japan often spend a few days in Tokyo and then head to Kyoto and Osaka.

While in Japan you absolutely must experience bathing in an onsen, which is basically a hot spring with mineral-rich waters. You’re expected to get completely naked at the onsen and scrub yourself down before going in.

Another incredible experience is sleeping in a ryokan, which is a type of Japanese inn that features tatami-matted rooms. You sleep on the floor on a futon, which you’d think wouldn’t be that comfortable, but it was actually the best sleep of my life.

If you’re a sushi lover you’ll of course be in heaven in Japan. There are endless opportunities to eat sashimi and raw fish, even at breakfast time. But there are also tons of different cuisine types to try, including teppanyaki, ramen, yakitori, tonkatsu, okonomayaki and shabu-shabu.

Shinjuku Yakitori Alley, Japan

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