How To Choose The Best Travel Bags For Your Adventures

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While traveling can be exciting, the bit of having luggage isn’t particularly fascinating. Nobody wants to deal with carrying around a bulky travel bag or two if luck isn’t on your side. The travel bag you use for your adventures could easily make or break your travel experience. That’s why you need to know how to select the best travel bag for your needs.  

Today there are many types of travel bags, including:

  • Backpacks 
  • Wheeled luggage  
  • Duffel bags 
  • Rolling Duffel bags 
  • Wheeled backpacks 
  • Messenger bags 

The bags differ in size, features, design, and other factors. This article will help you know which bag is suitable. It’ll guide you in selecting the best travel bag for your needs. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Go Minimalist For Elegant Style 

The best things in life are subtle and powerful, and your travel bag should be the same. Choosing a minimalist leather travel bag gives you a practical solution for carrying your essentials without compromising on your style, offering a subtle design that’s timeless, and will age very well with you.

Weekender bag from Von Baer

Moreover, leather bags have proved to be one of the most durable bags. Other than durability, any item made from high-quality full grain leather is a timeless fashion piece. Aside from leather bags, if you’re planning to buy a good quality travel bag, here’s a list of things to consider:

  1. Learn The Details Of Your Trip

The first step in choosing the best travel bag for your adventures is learning the details of your trip. It’s essential to know what type of travel it will be. If you purchase your travel bag blindly, you may choose a bag that won’t be useful for your adventure. 

The details should include the type of adventure, the activities planned, and the duration of the adventure. First, the kind of travel you’ll have is determined by where and how you’ll travel. For example, if you’re going camping or hiking, you’ll need a lightweight travel bag that can fit all your belongings, such as the tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and portable towel. But, if it’ll be a tour around the city and you’ll be staying in a hotel, you may pack your things in luggage, because it’ll be easier to drag your luggage than carry it on your shoulders. 

Second, the planned activities will determine the size of the travel bag you purchase. Choosing a travel bag is easier if you’re only planning for one activity, like skiing or snorkeling. However, it may be challenging for you to choose a travel bag if there are several activities on your list, like a mix of city tours and water activities.

In addition, you have to consider your mode of transportation. For example, hiking means traveling by foot, so your bag should be light to allow movement. If you’re traveling by public transport, your bag should be easily placed in the bus, train, or airplane compartments.   

Lastly, when looking for the best travel bag, you’ll have to consider how long your journey will be. A piece of rolling luggage will be best for longer trips since you can pack as much as possible. On the other hand, a backpack will do for a short trip, like a weekend getaway. The length of the travel and activities to be done will determine the size of the travel bag you choose. Speaking of size, here’s more. 

  1. Keep In Mind Size And Weight Restrictions 

Airlines have restrictions on the size and weight of your travel bags. For carry-on bags, the standard size allowed in most domestic airlines is 22 x 14 x 9 inches. The checked-in luggage size for domestic airlines is 29 x 20.5 x 12.5 inches or 62 linear inches. Moreover, international airlines’ size and weight standards may vary slightly from domestic ones.  

The restriction on the travel bag size ensures that your bag and everyone else’s can be stored safely in the plane’s cabin. Considering weight restrictions, it always works best when you purchase travel bags that don’t weigh much, even when empty. These bags are the best travel bags since they give you more freedom on how much you can pack.  

  1. Consider The Durability Of The Bag  

How long your bag will serve while remaining in good shape depends on the bag’s material. Generally, the material of travel bags is categorized into two: bags with the hard side and those with the soft side.  

The most durable bags are those that have that hard side. Such bags can take a beating for longer while ensuring that your items are secured. Hard side bags can also help protect your luggage from water through rain or spills. Although they aren’t entirely water resistant, it’s difficult for water to penetrate such material. 

When analyzing the durability of a bag, ensure the wheels, handles, and zippers are also sturdy. In addition, you can check for durability by reading reviews about the specific bag you intend to buy. 

Some circumstances may require you to go with the soft side fabric travel bag. For example, if you need an expandable bag for a little more space, the soft fabric bags are your best fit. Also, if you need the bag to be compact for storage in small spaces, soft side bags will make for the best travel bags.

  1. Identify The Features Of The Travel Bag 

When choosing a travel bag, you should consider its different features. Go for bags with features that are beneficial for you. Here’re some of the features you should consider 

  • Compartments – Bags with compartments are the best travel bags. Use the pockets or compartments to arrange your belongings and secure the fragile things, so they don’t get damaged. 
  • Color – It would be best if you go for a travel bag with a unique color or easily recognizable one. You wouldn’t want to mistake someone’s wheeled luggage for yours.  
  • Back Clip – A back clip is usually on top of your travel bag. You can use it to clip a second bag to the large bag to help you roll or wheel your travel bag easily.  


There are many types of travel bags. Choosing the wrong bag could easily spoil your travel experience. Therefore, consider following this detailed guide before choosing one for your upcoming adventure. It’ll help you choose the best travel bag for your trip.

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