Discovering How Airline Meals are Made with Malaysia Airlines

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Ever wondered how airline meals are made and where your inflight food comes from? I got to take a tour of the Malaysia Airlines Chef-On-Call Facility to see how their award-winning cuisine is prepared.

The Chef-On-Call service is available for Malaysia Airlines’ First and Business Class passengers, enabling them to choose from a menu of 25 different items within 30 days and up to 24 hours before their flight.

Around 40,000 meals are prepared each week at the airline’s Chef-On-Call facility, which is roughly the size of 3 soccer fields. Since the #DiscoverMalaysia blog trip was organised by Malaysia Airlines and we flew to KL on their A380, we were invited for a tour of the facility to see how the food is prepared.

On the tour we walk through numerous rooms where see chicken and beef satay being grilled to perfection, fruits being peeled in record time, and meals being laid out in their individual trays. Usually I don’t like to think about where my food comes from, but I have to say, this was a very impressive setup and it amazes me how they can prepare all of this food in advance of the flight.

Malaysia Airlines Beef Satay

Malaysia Airlines Chicken Satay

Malaysia Airlines Meals

Malaysia Airlines Dessert

Malaysia Airlines Desserts

At the end of the tour we get to taste the final product. We taste a wide array of First and Business Class meals, including oven baked lamb loin with pumpkin and tomato olive relish; Nasi Lemak with prawn sambal and ikan bilis sambal;  lobster thermidor served with carrots and potatoes; and satay chicken served with compressed rice, cucumber and onion. My favourite was the lamb which was very tender.

Malaysia Airlines First Class Meals

Malaysia Airlines Business Class Food

Malaysia Airlines Satay Sticks

Malaysia Airlines Nasi Lemak

My trip to Malaysia was sponsored by Malaysia Airlines, but opinions here are my own.

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  1. Clearly I’ve been flying on the wrong airlines! We recently flew on a local airline here in Chile and genuinely couldn’t identify the meat they served us… What a contrast!

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