Cruise ships docked in Nassau, the Bahamas

Four of the most luxurious Caribbean islands

If you’ve begun the planning process for your next getaway, then we believe the Caribbean is the region to visit if you want a luxurious vacation. Recent data showed that over 28 million tourists visited this area in 2022 and it’s easy to see why. 

The Caribbean is home to a plethora of exclusive islands, perfect for spending time indulging in wonderful food, relaxing in a private villa (or island) and strolling along the white sandy beaches. Each island brings its own charms, which means you can keep coming back for more as you visit each one. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next getaway, however, we believe that these four islands are the main ones to consider. Continue reading to discover the most luxurious islands you can visit in the Caribbean. 

The Bahamas – Exuma Cays

Home to the world-famous swimming pigs, the Exumas are renowned for their sapphire blue waters. Luxury yachts for charter are the perfect accompaniment to their secluded beaches and beautiful oceans. 

Alongside the breathtaking beaches, there are plenty of other reasons why over 9.6 million people visited in 2023. This includes: 

  • Exploring the Vibrant Coral Reefs
  • Visiting the Atlantis Resort
  • Enjoying the Lucayan National Park

St. Barts (Saint Barthélemy)

Known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, this small island is a haven for the rich and famous. Its French sophistication mixed with the charm of the Caribbean makes it an incredibly unique place. Some of the highlights of this island are: 

  • Relaxing on beaches like St.John Beach 
  • Exploring Gustavia 
  • Indulging in fine dining at one of the many restaurants


Comprised of a small main island and multiple smaller islets, Anguilla is a hidden gem for Caribbean luxury. Discover the island’s footprint-less beaches or take up a water sport like sailing or windsurfing. Alternatively, try one of the following popular activities here: 

  • Lounge around in Shoal, Meads or Rendezvous Bay
  • Explore the history of the island at the Heritage Collection
  • Discover spectacular art at the Devonish Gallery

Turks and Caicos 

Made up of 40 idyllic islands and cays, Turks and Caicos is renowned for its unparalleled luxury resorts. You can choose to relax in your stunning resort, go island hopping or try one of the following activities to enjoy the authentic side of it:  

  • Savour the famous local dish – conch – at Da Conch Shack. This is a small sea snail that tastes divine.
  • Chill out on Grace Bay Beach
  • Go snorkelling and explore the underwater world

Where will your journey take you? Will you be taking a dip beside the swimming pigs in the Bahamas or trying windsurfing in Anguilla? Whatever you choose is guaranteed to be an epic time away with your loved ones. Start planning today and get excited about your Caribbean vacation.

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