Five Tricks to Landing Cheap Flights From Phoenix

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Over the years, many people in the Phoenix area have long complained about the cost of flying in and out of the city. Prices can fluctuate quite a bit, and no one enjoys spending a ton of money on flights.

With proper knowledge, planning, and a little bit of flexibility, cheap flights from Phoenix are out there. Here’s a look at five ways to get those great rates.

Five tricks to landing cheap flights from Phoenix

• Plan ahead

This is a pretty common suggestion for booking cheap flights anywhere, but in Phoenix, it seems to particularly be the case. This is because the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport does not get as many last-minute cancellations or flight delays compared to other major cities. That means fewer last-minute deals for people to pounce on at a great price.

The best bet is to plan and get the best deal possible early on. Start looking at prices as early as possible, and check back daily to see what type of fluctuation is happening. Generally speaking, buying tickets a little over a month before the scheduled date will help land a good price.

• Understand peak seasons

Phoenix is growing and growing, but a lot of people are still part-time residents in Arizona. Retirees, in particular, spend their winters in the warm desert, only to fly north during the rest of the year. Airlines accommodate for peak seasons in Phoenix, offering seasonal flights. However, they also tinker with the price when they can get away with it, so pay close attention to that.

Try to avoid flying on popular days during peak season. It will be less stressful, cheaper and not nearly as full of snowbirds. Especially during peak season, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are routinely the cheapest.

  • Utilize the major hubs in Phoenix

The most notable major hub in Phoenix is American Airlines. Since they have many flights coming in and out, their rates are usually pretty cheap. Southwest also has a hub in Phoenix, and they consistently have some of the best deals around the United States.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has dozens of airlines coming in and out,and occasionally, the more obscure locations will have great deals. Most will find those deals online but jump on them early since they normally don’t last long.

Some people still prefer American Airlines and Southwest Airlines the most in Phoenix, simply because it is easier to reschedule a flight and only have to wait a short amount of time for the next one. On some airlines, they might only make a few trips a week to certain destinations, making rescheduling a chore.

  • Be open to regional and smaller international airports

Not everyone will have the ability to fly out of other airports, but it can be a cheap way to get to and from Phoenix. These flights are great, particularly for those people taking short trips in the same part of the country.

Some people also like using regional to get to San Diego, Los Angeles or Dallas for more flight options. Even though Phoenix is a large airport in its own right, these three provide so many additional opportunities. In some cases, it’s cheaper to make direct flight into a flight with a short layover.

Phoenix – Mesa Gateway Airport is perhaps the most popular alternative for people in the Greater Phoenix area. There are also a few others for those willing to drive.

  • Pay for bags ahead of time

Airlines are looking to streamline to check-in process as much as possible at the airport. That’s one of the main reasons why they offer checked bags at a cheaper rate when initially booking. Anyone who waits until they arrive at the airport will be shocked to see how pricey it gets.

Take care of as much as possible online before ever showing at the airport. Not only does it keep the flight cheap, but it reduces stress significantly. Airports are a very stressful place, with people running everywhere to get to where they need to be on time. By handling everything online beforehand, the day will go a lot more smoothly.

Final thoughts

Like any other major city in the United States, there are cheap flights from Phoenix,and into Phoenix. As the region grows, more daily flights will start to pop up. Competition is always a good thing, as it drives the prices down. Plan accordingly, and significant savings is out there.   

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