Denmark travel guide

Denmark Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to Denmark

Whenever I think of Denmark I think of colorful buildings, bike lanes, good coffee and happy people. The country is consistently voted one of the world’s happiest nations, and that’s largely down to its strong sense of social equality and community spirit. While taxes (and prices) are high in Denmark, the Danes are happy to pay them as they get so much in return, including free healthcare, subsidised childcare and no tuition fees.

While you’re in Denmark you’ll want to embrace the concept of hygge, which is hard to translate but basically involves taking time out to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Think of it as a nice self-care day. Whether you relax with a good book or spend quality time playing a board game with the people you love, hygge is all about slowing down and savoring life’s special moments.

Most visitors head straight to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, which is known for its mermaid statue, colorful 17th century townhouses, peaceful canals and royal palace. Sadly Copenhagen is often as far as they get, which is a shame, because there’s so much more to see and do beyond the capital.

The Jutland west coast is made up of lots of sand dunes and golden beaches, which are very popular with Danish families in the summer months. The city of Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and has lots of beautiful parks to discover. Then there’s Roskilde, which was once the Viking capital of Denmark and now boasts a museum housing some of the world’s best-preserved Viking ships.

Wherever you decide to go, this handy Denmark travel guide is full of essential info including tips on how to get around and best times to visit.

Lighthouse on the Danish coast

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