Wales Travel Guide

Wales Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to Wales

Rolling hills, green pastures, windswept beaches and sheep standing in the middle of the road…these are just some of the scenes you’ll see in Wales.

This tiny country that makes up part of Great Britain/United Kingdom is home to some of the most rugged, rural scenery in the land. Welsh people are proud of their heritage, and while the country may only be a 3-hour drive from London, the people have their own language and very distinct accent that’s often difficult for foreigners to understand.

While in Wales I’d suggest trying some typical Welsh foods, including Welsh cheeses, lamb chops, Welsh rarebit (fancy cheese on toast), laverbread, Conwy mussels and leek soup.

The majority of people live on the south coast of Wales, in cities such as Cardiff and Swansea. Yet some of the most beautiful scenery is located near the north coast of the country, just a couple of hour’s drive from Liverpool.

Snowdonia National Park covers an area of 823 square miles and is known for its beautiful mountains and lakes. Meanwhile Caernarfon in northwest Wales is home to one of Wales’ most spectacular castles. This 13th century castle took 47 years to complete and is a magnificent example of medieval defensive architecture.

Down in the south of Wales I’d recommend visiting the Gower peninsula, which is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Gower is home to some beautiful beaches, including Rhossili Bay, which has been voted Britain’s Best Beach.

Sheep on a green hill in Wales

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