Trip Insurance And Other Things To Prepare For Your Travels

You see it all the time.

People are posting bikini shots, hiking trips, and camping pictures in social media a lot. If you type in #travelgoals in any SMW query, you will get a flood of significant results. There will be selfie shots of people holding a margarita and a sun hat on top of their heads. There will be jump shots of friends who are on a hike. And who can miss the mandatory #sunkissed shot of sizzling hot babes in their skimpy swimwear? People are constantly raving about travel these days that it’s become infectious (read more).

Everyone now wants to go on a trip. They all want to post photos with the same hashtags. 

I’m proud to say that I’m one of those people.

L-O-L. You thought this was one of those hate posts, huh? Well, sorry to burst your bubble (or make your day) but I’m quite the travel junkie myself. I am happy to say, however, that I do it for all the right reasons.

First of all, I don’t travel just to take pictures. I take pictures of sceneries I find beautiful. I take a few shots of myself as a faint reminder that I was at that place at a certain point in time. Lastly, I take pictures of random moments that just tempt me to click on the shutter. But you know what? I tend to miss taking pictures during the best moments of the trip. That’s because I was too preoccupied filling myself with happy memories – the kind that I would reminisce about when old age comes. Here’s why you shouldn’t take photos during the best moments:

You see, travelling is a gift. And a gift not all people are capable of giving themselves, regrettably. Others get lucky enough to tag along for free but most of us have to pay for each trip from our own pockets! 

Travel and adventure are like our little pockets of air in this stress-congested world.

Having trouble at home? Go on a trip. 

Just got out of a toxic relationship? Rebuild yourself in a different place.

Burnt out from doing overtime ALL the time? Step out and take a breather.

While travel is not a sustainable means of escape; it is a chance to gather yourself. It’s like hitting the pause button when things become a little too complicated in life. You stop and you remember that there is a whole world out there that is bigger than your problems. It’s the best gift you can ever give yourself

Still, it’s a gift that costs a lot so you really can’t afford to make crazy mistakes that will cost you more money. So from one traveller to another, I have a few tips for you before you embark on your next exciting journey. Maybe you’ve already learned these things the hard way – or maybe not. Well, hopefully not. I hope I’m not too late in relaying my travel advice. Anyway, here we go!  

Designate An “Essentials Pack”

Yes, this was something I learned the hard way. As a traveller (especially if you’re a lone traveller), it is important that you put all your essentials in a single place, preferably a single bag. This bag is what you’re going to use when you go around in the city or when you go sightseeing. A common mistake we do is to put important items in different parts of our luggage. This makes us forget about them. When we finally find a need for them, we panic because we left it somewhere not easily accessible to us at the moment. Your essentials pack should include your passport, wallet, dictionary (if necessary), your phone, and maybe a power bank in case of emergencies.

Get Travel Insurance – Please

Travel insurance is something most people forego when going on trips but it is actually very important. It’s an essential, so to say. When you go to a faraway place, you don’t have the protection of the laws of your country. Everyone is unfamiliar to you and the places look foreign as well. Being in a place like this, you should prepare for the worst to happen. What if you get into an accident? What if you get robbed? What if you run into other sorts of trouble? If accidents happen in your homeland, then the risks are just as great in other countries. At the very least, when you have insurance, you can secure yourself financially.  You can try checking out GoBear’s online insurance cover and other trusted websites after you read this article. 

Always Keep Emergency Money

Always have an extra pocket for emergency situations. In other words, do not keep all your cards and cash in one location. At least tuck a few away just in case something goes wrong. You could lose a wallet any day if you’re being careless. And even when you’re careful, someone can steal from you. If you have all your cash in one wallet, then that pretty much spells doom. Again, prepare for the worst. You don’t want to end up starving at dinner time waiting for the embassy to settle things.  

Engage With The Locals

What makes trips really valuable is the “immersive experience.” If you go to another country and just end up talking to the people you came with, then what’s the point? You can talk at home, can you not? If you really want to make your travels worthwhile experiences, you have to engage with the locals and the culture, as much as you can. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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