Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly Burma), was a British colony from 1824 to 1948. Since gaining independence, the country has unfortunately been in a continued state of unrest and the UN has reported systemic human rights violations throughout the country.

A military coup took place in Feb 2021 that saw thousands of people killed. People in Myanmar aren’t allowed to speak out against the government and anyone caught doing so can be arrested.

Because if this constant strife and instability, Myanmar hasn’t really experienced the same amount of tourism as other countries in Southeast Asia.

Yet while it’s less visited, I was surprised to discover that it was still pretty easy to get around. And since the country is a former British colony, many people speak at least some basic English.

Most visitors to Myanmar visit Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon. I’ve put together a full one-week itinerary that includes all of these destinations, plus some helpful travel tips.

Bagan is famous for its mystical landscape filled with temples. Most people explore them either by cycling or taking a horse and carriage ride, or you can opt to do a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the area.

My favorite destination in Myanmar was Inle Lake, where you can see the famous Intha fishermen, who catch fish using a traditional leg casting technique. A boat tour will take you to see Inle Lake’s floating villages, gardens, Long Neck women and Lutus weavers.

Inle lake, Myanmar

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