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A Quick Intro to Cuba

Landing in Cuba is like stepping into a world that’s been frozen in time. The first thing you’ll notice when you look out of the taxi window is the crumbling buildings, and of course, the colorful vintage cars.

Since the 1960s Cuba has been ruled by a Communist single-party state and the government controls everything. Elections are held but they aren’t democratic, and information is heavily censored.

When U.S.-Cuban relations deteriorated after the Cuban Revolution, the implementation of the U.S. embargo halted the importation of American cars and their parts. This is why you see so many pre-1960s vintage cars around the island.

Cuba’s a fascinating place, and one you should visit before everything changes. I’d suggest spending around 2-3 days in Havana before heading outside the city to explore the beaches and countryside. The island is huge (the largest in the Caribbean) and has several beach resorts with powdery white beaches. Varadero, Cayo Coco and Trinidad are a few of the best ones.

If you only have time to visit one other place, make sure it’s Viñales. The scenery there is so lush and green and you’ll have the opportunity to see cigars being made on a real tobacco farm.

Capitolio, Havana, Cuba

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