China Travel Guide

China Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to China

China is a vast country that spans five different time zones and borders fourteen countries. It’s absolutely massive and incredibly diverse, featuring soaring mountains, vast lowlands, modern cities and remote villages.

One of the four oldest civilizations, China is home to the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, as well as many magnificent palaces and temples.

Meet giant pandas in Chengdu, ride the Central-Mid-Levels in Hong Kong, drink oil tea on the Longsheng rice terraces, ride camels across the Dunhuang Dunes, celebrate Chinese New Year in Beijing or even climb to Mount Everest base camp…there are endless things to do in this enormous country.

Chinese food is also incredibly tasty and diverse, with cuisines varying from region to region. From Sichuan hot pot to Hainan chicken rice to Cantonese char siu pork, there are so many delicious foods to try while you’re there.

Modern day China is now the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of goods, and has a booming economy that has grown at a record rate. The country therefore attracts a lot of business travelers, although it welcomes many tourists too.

When visiting China you’ll need to download a VPN before you go, since the country’s media and Internet is heavily censored. China has its own version of everything; Baidu instead of Google, WeChat instead of Whatsapp, Bilibili instead of YouTube…the list goes on.

China Travel Guide

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