5 Secret Places to Enjoy the Spectacular Malta Sunset

With Malta enjoying 300 days of sunshine, you’re more than likely be able to enjoy a spectacular Maltese sunset. On an island where the sea is never more than a 20 minute drive away (usually closer), the setting of the sun is bound to create a scene to remember. Our Maltese friends from Choice Holidays have shared with us their favourite 5 places to enjoy the natural display of colours and beauty – locations which only Maltese locals will know about.

1.   G?ajn Tuffieha, Mellie?a

While most people will mention Golden Bay as one of the most popular beaches to visit, you’ll find that most locals actually keep another bay “secret”. G?ajn Tuffieha, a bay which is much smaller and less popular than Golden Bay, is actually very close to Golden Bay. However, the actually position of this bay, protruding a bit more towards the West makes it a much better location than Golden Bay to enjoy a beach sunset. Less crowded, quieter and with the sun setting directly in front of you, this is one of most amazing views you can enjoy on the island, and you’ll find plenty of couples enjoying a bottle of chilled wine or beer, particularly in the summer months.

2. Dingli Cliffs

Dingli, is a tiny village located at the very edge of Malta’s west coast. Besides the fact that it lies on the west of the island, it also sits a top sea cliffs which are up to 250 metres in height – in fact, it is one of the highest points on the Maltese island.

Besides the stunning views of the cliffs, the view of the Filfla islet (a small uninhabited island 5 km out to sea), the location offers a fantastic view and one of the best spots to enjoy an unobstructed Malta sunset on the beautiful clear, Mediterranean. On a very clear day, (mostly after rain fall) you can actually get a glimpse of Sicily looming in the distance.

3. Out at sea

If you’re actually on the island, one of the things you might want to do is going on a sunset boat trip, around the island, to Comino, to Gozo, or any of the other trips offered. Out at sea, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, the sun setting at sea, while actually seeing the spectacular display of color on land.

Of particular beauty is the sun setting on the bastions of Valletta, the sun setting on Gozo, where you’ll see the island silhouetted against the skyline, and the sun setting on the west coast of Malta, where the towering cliffs will turn into a beautiful orange hue.

4. Bellavista, Qala or Nadur, Gozo

Only somebody who is intimate with the island will be likely to share this. Rather than actually looking at the sun setting, the view from the Bella Vista in Qala or Nadur, is quite different.

In fact, the view from here, you’ll get to enjoy of 3 islands, Gozo itself where you will be situated, Comino, with the castle sitting atop of the island and the north of Malta.

This is a sunset which only the locals will know about and usually get to enjoy, so if you really want to get in on one of the “secrets” of the Maltese islands, make sure you get to Gozo and make sure you are at Qala or Nadur at Sunset.

5. Hastings Gardens, Valletta

Of course, Valletta, is one of the places you must not miss when you are on the island of Malta. But which location is best for enjoying a beautifully, unobstructed, unique sunset from inland?

Hastings Gardens is a public garden which sits atop the Maltese bastions looking towards Sliema. It is a high-vantage point, which enjoys unobstructed views of Sliema, the centre of the island and beyond. From here you can enjoy the changing hues of the sun setting on the Valletta fortifications. If it’s festa (feast) season, you’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of fireworks celebrating local patron saints.

Make sure that you visit at least one (if not all) of these places, depending on the season you are in Malta. If you’re thinking of visiting the islands, why not have a look at the packages offered by Choice Holidays – you’ll get excellent bargains on a combination of hotels and flights.

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