30 Filthiest Tourist Attractions on the Planet!

Travelling the world as I do, I can’t be afraid to get a bit grubby now and again. On “travel days” I never feel clean; whether it’s a nightmare bus journey or a long flight connection that requires sleeping in the airport overnight- I have to get used to skipping the showers. Then there are [...]

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Grand Canyon

America The Beautiful: Five Sights In The USA That Will Blow Your Mind

Despite the brow beating that this nation sometimes receives in the foreign media, there are few other places in the world with an abundance of amazing sights and experiences outside of the United States of America. From soaring peaks to sublime seascapes, bustling metropolises to charming country towns, the variety and quality of attractions within [...]

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Old Goa

Get Away To Goa For An Exotic Break This Winter

As we gear down from summer and begin the gradual and orderly descent towards winter, the time to plan one’s cold weather escape is now.  You always have taken pleasure in taking off to a tropical paradise in the midst of the cold and dark months of the year, going from misery to heat and [...]

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Las Vegas

Courting Lady Luck: The World’s Best Casino Destinations

When you venture out into the world in search of adventure, you seek experiences that get your heart started – adrenaline sports, mouth-watering local food, and scintillating nightlife are all things that fit this description. No matter where you are, you actively seek it out not long after settling in to your accommodation. From time [...]

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Travel Advice

Travel advice from across the internet – tips, writing and resources

Lonely Planet Tends to appeal to travels of all types but nonetheless undoubtedly one of the best travel resources on the internet, this site often has really great articles on travel news and tips on every tourist destination you can imagine. £1000 Europe – The Cost of Living This little piece is a really well [...]

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Lyon, France

How To Spend a Weekend in Lyon

Lyon is a foodie’s paradise and the gastronomic capital of France, so if you decide to visit on a weekend break, prepare to go home a little heavier than when you arrived. Located at in the Rhône-Alpes region at the foot of two hills, and crossed by two water courses, Lyon has excellent museums, a [...]

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Are You An Annoying Camper?

When it comes to camping holidays most people can readily reel off a list of their pet hates. In a survey by Campsites UK 7,420 people were asked “What is your biggest camping annoyance?” Among dirty showers and unfriendly owners a popular answer was of course each other. So what are the criminal offenses and [...]

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Dubai Skyline

Dubai Dos and Dubai Don’ts

With its infrastructure, technology and super-sky scrapers, Dubai is splendid image of new-world modernity, but also a classic example of a rentier state, where citizens trade off civil right for lack of redistributive taxation.  Politic theory aside, Dubai has also become a popular tourist destination due to its hot climate, coastal attractions, luxury accommodation and [...]

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