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20 Aug Zeek App Review

I’m always looking for hacks and apps to save money, so this week I tried out an app called Zeek, which allows you to buy discounted gift cards for hundreds of UK retailers, including Starbucks, iTunes, Asda and House of Fraser. If you’re planning to travel abroad, Zeek is great for saving on items for your travels, such as mini travel products from Boots or sunglasses from Sunglasses Hut.

Currently you can save up to 4% from John Lewis and up to 10% at Debenhams, so it’s really worth it if you know there’s something you’d like to buy from those stores.

The app also lets you sell unwanted gift cards that you know you’ll never use. So if Aunty Flo gave you a gift card for Superdrug at Christmas and you’ve never had chance to use it, Zeek will let you sell them and regain the cash. Pretty handy!

Buying gift cards with Zeek

I decided I’d like to buy £100 of gift vouchers for John Lewis so I could buy a new external hard drive. In the Zeek app you can buy a £50 gift voucher at a cost of £48.30, so I purchased two £50 vouchers within the app. I was then provided with 2 eGift cards within my Zeek wallet, featuring unique serial numbers.

I then went to the John Lewis website, selected the hard drive I wanted to purchase, then  added the serial number and pin at checkout. You can combine two vouchers to pay for a purchase, and if there’s any money left over at the end it will remain on the card for up to 24 months. Neat!

Some retailers will provide online vouchers with a unique serial number and pin that you can input on the retailer’s website. Other retailers will offer physical gift cards that can be redeemed in-store, either by presenting a printout, card or unique serial number and/or pin.

Within the app you can search for retailers by category, and you can also search by the type of voucher, whether that’s a printout, an eGift Card or a Physical Gift Card.

How selling works

I haven’t sold any gift cards with Zeek myself, but it works in a really simple way. All you have to do is search for the retailer and gift card you’re selling, then set your price and list your gift card for sale. Most vouchers sell in hours and the money is transferred directly to your Paypal or bank account. Neat!

Zeek is really cool if you’re trying to save money on your shopping, particularly if you’re planning a big trip away where every penny saved counts. If you’re interested in using Zeek yourself, you can download the app here: https://www.zeek.me/gb/get-app-link/

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