Your Walking Holiday Checklist: Top Tips for Packing for Your Trip

Packing. Love it or hate it, it’s something we can’t avoid when we’re heading off on our next adventure. 

However, knowing what to pack can be an absolute nightmare – especially if it’s your first time in a certain country or you’re taking part in a particular activity. 

So, to help you prepare for your walking holiday, here’s our essential packing checklist.

1. Comfy Walking Boots

OK, this sounds ridiculously obvious but the walking boots you choose have the ability to make or break your holiday. Get the wrong pair of shoes and you could be hobbling around for days on end with blistered, sore feet that are unbearably comfortable. 

You’ll want to consider the terrain you’re walking over when packing these boots. For example, uneven terrains and hill climbing will require sturdy boots that protect your ankle, while flatter surfaces and less arduous routes may suit a low-cut boot or even a pair of robust shoes. 

Look for styles that are lightweight, breathable and waterproof (ones that are made with Gore-Tex are ideal). 

2. A Waterproof Jacket 

Even if you’re heading somewhere quite warm, it’s a good idea to have a lightweight waterproof jacket with you – just in case. Equally, if your trip involves setting off early in the morning or you’re heading high up into the mountains, you’ll appreciate this extra layer of warmth. 

3. Trousers and Shorts

Which of these you choose will depend on the weather you’re going to be walking in, but it is a good idea to have a pair of each with you. Trousers may come in handy when you’re walking through overgrown areas, for example. Or, for added practicality, you might want to opt for trousers that can be transformed into shorts by a zip. 

Try to find styles of trousers and shorts that are easy to dry. You may like walking in jeans but if these get wet they’re going to take a heck of a long time to dry. 

4. A Hat 

If it’s going to be warm or even just sunny while you’re out walking, having a hat is an essential. It’ll help keep the direct sun off your face, clear your vision and keep you cool. You might also want to have a bandana on standby, too, as this is great for protecting your neck from sunburn and keeping the hair off your face. 

5. Lots of Layers

When you embark on a walking trip, it’s highly likely you’ll experience different temperatures and climates, which is why layers are ideal. They help keep you warm when the temperatures start to dip but also allow you to cool off with ease as they start to rise. 

Opt for several short-sleeved tops, some basic t-shirts and some long-sleeved tops. And if you’re going to be walking for a couple of days without any facilities, you might want to choose base layers made from yak wool or merino as these allow your skin to breathe and won’t smell as much as synthetic fabrics. 

Victoria Brewood

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