Why your Vacation to Bali is Incomplete Without Seniors Travel Insurance?

Becoming a senior proves you have experience of life. It also means senior citizens can finally have the time and resources, which is a rare combination, to fulfill their dreams. Imagine a scenario, you and your partner celebrating your 50th anniversary in Bali. You both are enjoying the sun, but suddenly you feel nauseated and need to visit the emergency room. After the check-up, you are assured that everything is fine and are discharged with some medications and a big fat bill. You were shocked by the bill and suddenly, your vacation has become a nightmare. 

It could be a true scenario for many seniors if they travel without insurance and do not realize that considering their age, they can be prone to many health issues. Bali is a country known for its scenic beauty, outdoor activities and relaxed vibes, but without seniors insurance, you could be risking your vacation, health and finances in an unknown country.

Why do you need travel insurance for Bali? If your mind is asking you again and again with this question, then here is the answer:

Bali Belly

Stomach ailments are common amongst tourists in Bali. Diarrhea due to drinking tap water or eating street food can upset your stomach. There are many cases of nausea, vomiting, or loose motions leading to sickness for which you need insurance in case you need to seek medical assistance. 

Emergency Medical Assistance 

In case you get yourself injured and need urgent treatment, minor or major injuries requiring an emergency visit to the hospital or staying under supervision for a day or two can be covered under travel insurance. The only thing to focus your attention on in an emergency room is your recovery, not the cost of treatment, which is possible if you have travel insurance. 

Pre-existing Ailment

In old age, people do suffer from minor or major health conditions. If you have a life condition that needs a constant check-up or medical aid, then it should be covered in your travel insurance. Seniors insurance that provides cover for your pre-existing medical condition will help to make your vacation comfortable and give you cover for your expenses if something goes wrong.

Natural Disaster

Anyone going to Bali knows about its active volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. It is wise to have travel insurance while visiting Bali that covers natural disasters. If you are left stranded amidst the disaster, at least you should have insurance to cover your expenses and losses. 

Theft or evacuation

Loss of baggage or theft is a common scenario for tourists on vacation. What if your passport or your driver’s license are lost or stolen? In that case, are you insured? International insurance covering unexpected incidents like theft, loss in transit or emergency evacuation will always come handy. 

Apart from these scenarios, travel insurance also covers personal liability that will help in mitigating expenses in case of damage to property, death, or injury. Therefore, while traveling to Bali, senior citizens should always strongly consider insurance. 

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