Why Luxury Lodges With Hot Tubs In Scotland Are Perfect for a Nature Holiday

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If you’re looking for a location to spend the holiday communing with nature, Scotland is one of our best picks. Some popular Scottish picks among nature lovers are Neist Point, Isle of Skye; Glencoe, Lochaber; Mar Lodge Estate; and The Hermitage, Perthshire. All you need after choosing your spot is a Luxury Lodge with a hot tub to retire to after the day’s tour.

Scotland houses some of the best highland lodges with hot tubs you won’t find elsewhere. In addition to the luxurious treats and experience, many of these lodges provide exotic views of the surroundings. We guess you’re probably unaware of the health benefits of hot tubs. Stay with us while we give you a peek at what awaits you in Scotland’s luxurious lodges.

Why rent a luxury lodge with a hot tub 

  • Easing stress

One reason to take a nature holiday is to relax. But you won’t remain indoors all day. You must visit exotic natural environments. But then, you’ll be exhausted after long walks seeing wildlife and climbing mountains. You may come back after the day’s adventure with muscle tension, fatigue, and headaches. 

That’s why a hot tub must be in your temporary Scotland home. The warmth from the water in the hot tub will help to ease stress symptoms and also promote the production of endorphin. 

  • Sore muscles relief

Climbing mountains after many months of sitting in the office can be tasking on your muscles. Sometimes even walking around for long hours can do that too. So, after long adventurous hours, you may feel aches in your heels or ankles. 

But you won’t have to worry. Several minutes in a hot tub coupled with massage may offer some relief. 

  • Improve your sleep

One of the highlights of a nature holiday is to sleep long hours and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. But you can’t sleep from morning until night when beautiful sceneries exist. That means you will come back tired every day and rest properly in preparation for the next day’s adventure. To achieve that, you must soak yourself in a hot tub for 20 minutes to help improve your sleep. 

  • Natural detox

Sometimes, you’ll need to do some body detoxification asides from using the regular juices. Soaking yourself in a hot water tub offers a more natural way of getting your body rid of those toxins. The sweat the heat generates from your body brings toxins to the surface. These, in turn, are washed off by the water.

  • Keeps the cold away

If you travel to Scotland during the Winter, you must rent a lodge with a hot tub to keep the cold away. Also, remember that natural sceneries are often characterized by cold and humid air. So, to avoid freezing or to warm up after your adventure, that hot tub in your lodge is all you need. 

Best luxury lodges in Scotland with hot tubs

  1. The Invergarry

The Invergarry is located at Aboyne, a village on the highlands of Aberdeenshire. This exotic lodge has a bi-fold door that leads to an outdoor granite patio with state-of-the-art furniture. In addition, the patio also has chiminea and, lastly, your exotic tub.

  1. The Tractor Shed

This beautiful home sits on Loch Tay’s southern shore and gives you a beautiful of the surrounding water and scenery. The lodge is kept warm using underfloor heating technology. The property also has wifi, DVD players, hi-fi with Bluetooth connectivity, books, and DVDs. 

  1. An Cala Riverside House

The An Cala Riverside House is a pretty lodge with a spacious private deck, a hot tub, and two comfortable log fires. To satisfy your hunger for nature, the cottage has trees around its entire perimeter and is visible through the glass walls.

  1. Cairngorm Cottage

Cairngorm cottage is a breathtaking property with enough space for up to 6 occupants. It has a spacious, luxurious lounge, a fully fitted kitchen, dining rooms, and a beautiful hot tub. The hot tub offers a nice view of the nearby Muckrach Castle.

  1. The Glenmore Lodge

This state-of-the-art lodge has enough room to accommodate up to 4 occupants. It also has splendid furnishings and is kept warm using underfloor heating. You’ll find a garden area containing a hot tub. 


There you go with a suggestion of some of the best luxury lodges for your next nature holiday in Scotland. In addition, these places are fairly affordable, with some having accommodation for up to 6 guests. More importantly, they have hot tubs to bask in pleasure for as long as you wish.

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