When in Prague” – Delicious Local Food Items You Need to Try! [The Ultimate Czech Food Guide]

Prague is an incredible city that offers plenty of sights, sounds, and tastes. Even a week’s worth of time is not enough to witness everything the city has to offer. Plan your trip carefully to ensure you get the best out of your trip. Local travel sites like PragueHere.com and local blogs are a great resource to find the best transport options and locations.

When in the city of Prague, you can rest assured that you will never go hungry. Every street corner hides a cozy little cafe or a bakery. You will be surprised by the quality and taste of dishes served in tiny joints located in obscure locations. Czech food is incredibly diverse and has something for everyone. Vegans can enjoy a vast variety of soups and taste what is perhaps the best sauerkrauts in the world. Czech restaurants are also famous for serving fabulous meat and dumpling dishes, that will pretty much become your standard meal. The following are 9 incredible food items you should look forward to when in Prague.

Pilsner Beer (Pivo)

Czechs make the best beer in the world. Every restaurant and cafe in the city serves locally brewed pilsner or Pivo that’s incredibly tasty and refreshing.

Traditional Czech Soup (Zelňačka)

If soup sounds boring to you then you have never tried Zelňačka, a traditional soup made from mushroom, sauerkraut, and a variety of meat. They are usually served alongside main dishes and are easily available in most restaurants.

Fried Cheese with French Fries (Smazak)

Ditch your diet and try this decadent dish. This no-holds-barred recipe involves frying a slab of mozzarella cheese and serving it with french fries and dips. Locals call it Smazak, however, a much more apt name would be heartstopper (we hope it catches on). If you survive the meal, it will be the best day of your life.

Rolled Pastry (Trdelník)

This is originally a Hungarian pastry dish that has become incredibly popular in Prague. You will find Trdelník food stalls in popular tourist spots like the Old Town Square. This rolled pastry is served warm and with a handsome sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.

Traditional Meat Stew with Dumpling (Czech Guláš)

This beef stew dish is served with bread dumplings. The gravy has a rich flavor profile that goes really well with freshly baked dumplings.

Grilled Sausages (Grilované Klobásy)

Ideal snacks for managing sudden hunger pangs, Czech grilled sausages are known to be succulent and packed full of flavor. These sausages are usually served in places that also serves beer. Trust us, it’s a winning combo.

Roast Pork with Dumplings (Vepřo-knedlo-zelo)

Often served with sauerkraut or stewed cabbage, this roast pork recipe is incredibly filling and nutritionally balanced. Like most other Czech meat recipes, the pork is usually incredibly tender and has subtle flavors. The delicate recipe allows the taste and the quality of the meat to shine through and is a must have dish when in Prague.

Braised Beef (Svíčková)

This is a traditional braised beef recipe made from sirloin steaks. The dish drenched in double cream sauce and served with vegetables and bread. Svíčková is big in Prague, so you would have a hard time finding a traditional restaurant that doesn’t serve its ‘authentic’ version of the recipe.

Honey Layer Cake (Medovnik)

Many Czechs don’t recognize Trdelník as a local dish because of its Hungarian roots. Medovnik, on the other hand, is a true blue Czech sweet dish. It’s a honey cake with many thin layers and made using condensed milk.

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