What You Should Know Before Setting Off on a Motorcycle Trip

If you’re a motorcyclist, you might be considering a cross-country road trip on your bike. Traveling on your motorcycle can be an incredible way to see America, but it’s important that you know the local laws first. Here’s what you need to know before you start biking through America.

What are the helmet laws in different states?

Not every state requires the use of a helmet, so it’s important to know where you need to wear it — although for safety, you should really always have your helmet on. Currently, nineteen states in America have universal helmet laws, meaning all riders are required to wear a helmet.

Some states, like Kentucky and Texas, have laws that only apply to riders younger than a certain age (typically 17, 18, or 20). Only three states have no helmet laws: Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. Mississippi has a universal helmet law, so if you’re riding through Mississippi, make sure you have your helmet on tight.

If you’re in need of a new helmet, look for quality brands like Icon helmets. Not only are they stylish, but these helmets are also built to keep you safe and optimize your riding experience. Your helmet should be an investment, and buying one that’s attractive and well-made is your best plan.

What areas are the best to visit on your motorcycle?

Obviously, half the fun of a cross-country road trip is seeing the local sights. You should do a little research before you set off, though it might be more fun just to stop when something grabs your eye.

Here are a few suggestions in case you’re a planner. There are quite a few things to do in Corinth, MS, especially if you’re a Civil War buff. You can visit Shiloh National Military Park, Corinth National Cemetery, and Corinth Contraband Camp to learn more about the incredible local history. 

If you’re in the mood for gorgeous mountains or outdoor adventures, check out Livingston, Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Explore the Silver Capital of the World in Wallace, Idaho or head to Buffalo, Wyoming to learn more about the American Old West.

You could even theme your road trip and only visit locations that fit your theme, whatever it may be. Just make sure that you’re visiting places while you travel, not just driving through.

What are some ways to stay safe while traveling cross-country? 

Traveling anywhere can be stressful, but it can be especially daunting to take on a long trip across America. When you’re traveling, you want to make sure you’re staying safe. Make sure you have somewhat of a plan, even if that just means you’ve chosen a location to sleep each night ahead of time or one place to eat each day.

Not having food or anywhere to sleep is less than ideal when you’re traveling long days. Also, make sure you have a vague idea of where to find gas. Nothing is scarier than running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

When you’re away from home, it’s important that you don’t forget your important documents. Have your updated license, car insurance card, and registration, and you’ll always want to have your current medical insurance information, in case anything goes wrong. Give a friend back home your rough schedule so someone knows about where you are at all times, just in case. When you’re traveling and out on your own, it’s better to keep other people informed and be prepared. 

Motorcycle road trips can be an incredible time, whether you do them alone or with a buddy, and when you’re prepared for what’s to come, you’re sure to make amazing memories and see unforgettable sights.

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