05 Mar What To Bring For A Cruise Tour

When going on a normal holiday, it was not unusual to pack two suitcases. But, both of these generally belonged to the lady in the company. It was impossible to store them in the overhead locker on the plane, so they had to be checked in, meaning more time is wasted. Any checked baggage over the allowed limit is charged for, and it just takes the fun out of the vacation. There is an answer to all this, and it is the cruise holiday.

Dress Codes

Going on a cruise, such as those 2018 luxury cruise tours in Indonesia, is a different kettle of fish. The amount of packing reduces quite significantly. There are, however, some items of clothing that you will need on a cruise, like evening wear. Most cruise ships have a dress code which is applicable in different areas like restaurants, and there is an expectation to wear at least resort casual, when in public spaces. Generally around 6pm is the time when dress codes come into place. To find out more about what to wear, have a look here. 

Dress Accordingly

For the ladies and increasingly the men, short shorts are best worn beside the pool or in the gym. A swimming suit, however, is only to be worn around the pool area. If you are inside the ship then smart shorts, jeans and skirts are the norm and if you are heading onshore and off the ship to find out the many things to do in Indonesia for example, then you should dress according to the activity you and your family have signed up for. If you are going hill walking then wear the appropriate footwear and clothes. If you are going shopping, be aware of the general dress code in Indonesia.

The Perfect Combination

For the guys who like to walk around bare-chested, the pool is the only place for this, and so if you want to walk around the ship, it’s best to maybe wear some jeans and a smart casual shirt. If you have a nice pair of khaki trousers and a blue sports jacket, then you are all set to go anywhere on the ship. This type of outfit works everywhere, except when it is formal night, and the correct dress wear is expected.

Tuxedo Time

If you want to wear a tuxedo, then good for you. It gives an excellent first impression, but many prefer to wear suits and ties, and if you pack these two simple things then you won’t look out of place, in any restaurant on-board. Make sure you pack a pair of shoes that will match your suit and for all other times, casual or sports shoes are appropriate. Sometimes it may get a little bit cold depending on your cruise destinations, so pack a raincoat and a sweater for those cool mornings.

Many people overlook the hat. The hat or cap will protect you from the sun and keep you cool. There is nothing worse on holiday than getting sunburn on your first day. If you get too much sun, then you will be feeling poorly and so you won’t be getting the best out of your cruise. If you do forget to pack a hat, then there should be many available on board in the many shops and they also stock sun cream, in case you forget that too.

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