Ways to Give Your Children an Interest in Travel

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With the availability of technology, such as computers, tablets, gaming devices, and much more, it’s difficult to tempt some children away from their screens and out into the world. While they may have little choice about going on holiday with their family, there are some things you can do to instill a love for traveling and make the experience more enjoyable.

By making the most of birthdays and other gift-giving occasions, you can help develop an interest in travel. You can find suitable gifts at Wicked Uncle, by age and interests. So, for example, if you want to buy a gift for a 7-year-old girl, it’s easy to narrow down your search. The 78-piece map of the world jigsaw, or the world flags tablecloth are just two of the gift ideas which would appeal to a girl this age, and potentially help her become more interested in visiting the places she will learn about.

Making every part of travel exciting

By making every part of travel exciting, your children will have no reason to feel bored. So, if you’re boarding a flight, buy them a small treat at the airport. This could be a book or a toy. When you’re on the flight, let them choose a suitable movie to watch if they have this option. Think of games they can play from their seats and choose a meal they enjoy eating. By making an adventure out of getting to your destination, they will feel happier once they are there, and more likely to join in with the activities you have planned.

Get their opinion

By getting the children involved in holiday planning, they get some say in the destination, activities, mode of travel, and where they will stay. Instead of giving them free rein, present them with several options to choose from, and put it to a vote if your children can’t agree on the same options.

Start with easier to reach destinations

If this will be the first family holiday, make it easier for the children by picking a destination which can be easily reached by plane within just a couple of hours. The first family holiday abroad shouldn’t involve lengthy travel, changing planes, and long waits in different airports. As the children become accustomed to traveling and seeing new places, they will be more adaptable to longer plane journeys, understanding that the destination will make it worthwhile.

Encourage them to buy souvenirs

Giving the children pocket money to buy souvenirs when they go abroad means they will always have reminders of the places they visit. As they travel to different destinations, they will accumulate more souvenirs, and these mark each destination as an achievement, and anything they learned about the local culture and the geography of the area will be easier to recall.

It might take some coaxing at first, to encourage your children to step away from their screens. Yet, seeing the world through their own eyes and having first-hand experiences will always be the better option.

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