Voodoo Doctor in the Dominican Republic

Voodoo witch doctor in the Dominican Republic

I thought I’d share with you this photo of a Voodoo doctor or ‘witch doctor’ in the Dominican Republic. I went on the Monster Truck Safari a few years back and they took us to this voodoo doctor, who has supposedly been consulted by famous celebrities. People come from all over to see this man and give him gifts and money, and as you can see in this photo, he is wearing a lot of gold jewellery. ┬áIn a country where many people struggle for money, he didn’t seem to be doing to bad for himself, and had a nice car sitting outside.

But I do not remember him because of his flash car or his gold chains, I remember him because of what happened to a young lady in our tour group. We were invited to walk through his house as he sat and posed in his chair, and I took a quick snap of him on my way through. He didn’t say anything as our tour group passed through, he just sat still in his chair. But as we stepped outside into the bright sunshine, a pregnant lady from our group was called back into the room. Minutes later she came outside crying because the voodoo doctor had a feeling that there were some complications with her baby. We reassured her that he was most probably wrong and that he was just a voodoo man, not a real doctor, but I sometimes whatever happened to that woman and hope her baby is doing just fine.

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