Volunteering as a travel chance for students

The most exotic countries + free accommodation + language practice in the company of volunteers from around the world = Volunteer Projects

Volunteering – it’s not just a charity, it’s a state of mind!

Do you like to travel a lot, meet new people and work for the benefit of society? Do you dream about distant and mysterious countries? Do you want to know other cultures and learn something new? If you are tired of everyday life and you need a change of scenery, the volunteer program will help you! If you are a student and have a part-time work or you work as a freelancer in an essay service, for example, you may proceed with your work because volunteering does not occupy all you time.

Volunteer projects include:

  • journey without accommodation and meal expenses
  • daily cultural activities and excursions
  • exotic countries and friends around the world
  • a great language practice
  • the opportunity to help society and be part of a great multicultural and global movement
  • warm multinational parties with traditional food, dances, and songs


If you are sure you can go far away, if you are an adult and ready to perform simple work during 5-6 hours a day on the historical, environmental or restoration projects, and perhaps – at the festivals, then this opportunity is right up for you!

Today we will talk about several volunteer opportunities that you can take advantage of!

Help Exchange

HelpX is a resource that does not define itself as a volunteer one, but those who travel with it cannot tell that it is a volunteering opportunity. For a nominal amount of € 20 for two years you will be given with an open database of hosts, who need help and are willing to provide free housing (often food) in exchange for a job. The place where you will reside will encompass farms, hostels, or big houses with a garden and other places where help is needed.

You need to be nice and clearly fill out a form and look for hosts anywhere in the world. Pay attention to the dates and conditions, and then write a message to negotiate the details and take the road!

With Help Exchange you may travel through Europe: pick grapes in Italy, work at the hostel in Portugal, take care of the house of a fisherman in Greece, for example.


Another resource that invites all fans of organic farming to travel and work. It is different from HelpX except the fact that WWOOF has a narrow specificity, seeking only the farmers.  This resource is ideal for lovers of exotic places, those who are tired to grow herbs at home on the balcony in the bustling metropolis. Try to escape from the city and breathe fresh air outdoors! In order to become a woofer,  you need to pay a nominal fee from 0 to 56 euros: it all depends on where you decide to go.

Volunteer Latin America

You can find even an interesting project in Latin America, however, to be approved, you will need a great deal of responsibility and talent. For almost15 pounds, you get a  two-year access to a huge database. After that, you will need a lot of desire and persistence to learn how to use that database. If there is no time or desire to do it, you can pay almost 35 pounds – then you will be helped by a member of the organization. However, we advise to organize everything yourself.

Kibbutz Volunteering

A great way to live and explore Israel is to become a volunteer in kibbutz communities. This organization is the one where everyone is equal and everything is divided between residents. Often,  immigrants begin their life in Kibbutz when they come to Israel, but even if you do not have Jewish ancestors, you can be a great assistant in the daily life of the community. In addition to work, it is also a unique opportunity to learn Hebrew and to improve English, learn more about the Promised Land and see the beauty of Israel.

The program may last 2 – 6 months. For services, you will need to pay $ 100 (if you sign up for volunteering in Tel Aviv, then you have to wait about a week before the start of the project). If you stay in a different country, then the price should be specified.


European Voluntary Service – a program that is funded by the European Commission. Due to this program, you may during 2 – 12 months work on a voluntary basis and live in the European Union as well as Norway, Turkey or Iceland. This is a great way to test the idea of a “labor akin”. During the European Voluntary Service you work in European public organization, doing useful things, learning the language and gaining invaluable experience. And you will be provided with means for food and minimal living expenses, insurance, etc. The only thing you spend money during the EVS – is 10% of the cost of the road to the place of volunteer service.

Organizations that work with EVS-volunteers specialize in a variety of topics. Agriculture, Anti-discrimination, art, culture, media, communication, disability, gender, sport, children, youth … in the database system of each potential volunteer, you may find the perfect project that suits particularly you! The main thing – to understand what you want and whether the work brings you pleasure!

Victoria Brewood

Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world.

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