Victoria & Steve win Vantastic South Australia!

So we really did it! Today World Nomads announced that we, the stupid American and the Pommie,  are the winners of the South Australia leg of the Vantastic Tour! They don’t know what they’ll be letting themselves in for!

We’ll be putting our Bintangs down in Bali, where we’ve been based for the last 4 months, and forcing ourselves to endure all that endless fun we’re going to be having in Oz. We were rescued from purchasing some very questionable, dodgy, orange suits in a kuta stall when we got the call.

We’re stoked to be going although maybe a little apprehensive about the swimming with the Great Whites…but secretly Steve’s biggest fear is the cold sea temperature compared to Bali. It’s a tough life. It’s going to be good to be able to get high-speed internet and cheap muesli again, not to mention being able to buy Jagermeister out there!

steve & vic 2

We’ll be descending on Oz in February, bringing lots of great footage to you on our road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. We’d just be happy if you gave us the van and we lived out of it on the driveway, so to get to experience the Great Ocean Road, the wine valley, the southern outback and Adelaide is just awesome . So look out for us in that unmissable van!

Thank you to the taxi man who appeared in my entry video. Wherever you are, I think you clinched it for us.

Read the news here at the Vantastic Adventures website

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