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12 Mar Useful Shooting and Editing Tips While Traveling

The feeling of booking a plane ticket to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit is pretty unreal – a little scary, but more exciting than anything else. To experience the world and it’s varying cultures is something all human beings should consider, there’s so much out there! While you’re out gallivanting on your latest expedition, you’re going to want to take as many photos as possible, both for memories and sharing purposes. While some of us would feel satisfied with a simple routine of taking a bunch of random photos, others consider travel photography as a serious hobby. With the recent boom of social media, travel photography instagram accounts have become the primary source of income for a lot of online influencers – but how do they achieve these photos + edits so quickly while constantly being on the go?

We’ve put together a list of our top photo taking + editing tips to help you achieve awesome, instagram share worthy photos, while being on the go.

  1. Choose your weapons wisely.

Panasonic DMC-TZ100 4K Photo Camera

Having a smartphone with a high megapixel camera is the best when taking spur-of-the-moment shots. But if you are seeking for professional level resolution imaging, you can get a compact DSLR for your travels. Compact cameras such as the National Geographic-approved Fujifilm X-T2, Sony RX100 V, or Leica Q are the most recommended cameras for traveling – size wise and feature wise, they’re compact but pack a punch! It is also worth considering getting a couple of lenses (wide-angle and fisheye), and lights for a variety of precision shots. There are a ton of awesome fisheye lenses that you could purchase specifically for your smartphone that are both small and cost efficient – we recommend checking these out!

  1. Research shooting locations beforehand.

It’s always sensible to do some research before traveling to any new place. While exploring without a plan is a fun and often leads to experiences you would have never had otherwise, having basic knowledge about the surrounding areas is crucial to get the most out of your travel photography. Knowing where photo worthy structures, areas, or spots are will give your creativity an upper hand as you can better plan for what types of photos you’re wanting to shoot before arriving. Searching for photos on Instagram or Pinterest could help you get ideas on how to get to these places, especially if they have been geo-tagged. Looking at posted photos could also give you some new ideas for poses, outfits, etc. Joining a travel photography forum on Facebook will also be helpful in gathering for tips and local insight.

  1. Come up with a creative twist for your photos.

What sets you apart from other travel photographers? That’s the thing you have to figure out as you develop your style when you travel and shoot. Murad Osmann now has 4.5 million followers on Instagram thanks to the thematic photos he takes of his wife leading him to many places around the world. Unconventional angles and projected themes will make shooting fun and easy for you, and it eliminates the need to take so many photos of a similar scene. This is your chance to be as creative and ingenious as much as you want, and finding out your voice as a travel photographer could lead to a valuable learning experience as you move on with other types of photography.

  1. Download a powerful photo editing app


You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but having a cohesive feed on Instagram is vital for your online success. If you’re solely using a laptop to edit your images, you’re wasting a lot of valuable exploring time! You can achieve these exact types of edits by downloading a powerful app for your portable devices, and the new version of Instasize is perfect for on the go travelers. With its wide selection of 50+ photo filters and editing tools, you’re bound to find a filter that matches your editing aesthetic. The app also comes equipped with a powerful text editor that will help you craft professional grade announcements for your feed and Instagram stories – let you followers know you’ve posted a new photo via your IG stories! You can download the app for free on both IOS and Android and we highly recommend checking out their premium upgrade as it will give you a TON of editing power while you’re traveling abroad.

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