Christmas traditions around the world

Unique Christmas Traditions Across the Globe

Christmas for most of us in the UK involves roast turkey, opening presents, and collapsing in front of the TV after too much food and alcohol. But what about Christmas elsewhere in the world?

One thing I discovered from having a Swedish flatmate is that many people in Europe celebrate on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas Day. I had never really thought of Christmas Eve being the main event, so it was interesting to discover that not everyone gets up really early on Christmas morning to open presents. If you’re curious about how other people celebrate, Simply Education have put together this infographic showing Christmas traditions across the globe.

Perhaps the weirdest tradition is in Japan – many families eat KFC for Christmas dinner! I did a bit of research and it turns out that in 1974, KFC Japan began to promote fried chicken as a Christmas meal as part of its “Kentucky for Christmas” advertising campaign. Since Christmas wasn’t traditionally celebrated in Japan, people began to follow this idea of ordering KFC’s Party Barrel on Christmas. Nowadays you can pre-order packages that range from a box of chicken to a whole roasted chicken with sides. December must definitely be a busy month for this fast food chain!

Elsewhere, people in Venezuela go to Mass on roller skates and people in Mexico create nativity scenes out of radishes! Perhaps my favourite one is in Bolivia – apparently they bring roosters to Midnight Mass, symbolising the announcement of Jesus’s birth!

Simply Education - Christmas Infographic

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