Ultimate Travel Guide to Glasgow

Glasgow is a growing area with River Clyde and famous universities. With several walking trails, parks, museums, and historical buildings, there are plenty of things to do. This ex-industrial city is reviving itself as a tech and art hub. Glasgow is maintaining the urban ambiance of Scotland. This city has a surprising number of green spaces and parks. You can be a part of festivals, concerts, and music events in Glasgow. If you are planning to spend your next holidays in Glasgow, make sure to arrange a cheap accommodation to save money. flats to rent in glasgow can be a good option for your longer stay during holidays. You can save money with shared accommodation. Here are some exciting things to do and see and Glasgow.

George Square

George Square is located in the heart of Glasgow where people spend some quality time. It is a great place to try the local beer, watch nearby architecture and eat delicious food. You will find a massive crowd in this park during summer. 

Glasgow Green

A historical park of Glasgow was used for sheep grazing and cattle in the 19th century. You can spend a day with your family in this historic park. Glasgow greens are famous for walking paths in riverfront, football green, and picnic places. You can’t miss a visit to Linn park for its fabulous walking paths and scenery along Cart River. 

Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

Visit this museum for a popular art gallery, such as Christ of Saint John of the Cross of Salvador Dali. You can visit this place for temporary exhibitions. Glasgow is famous for a magnificent legacy of art galleries and museums. Most galleries remain closed on Sundays. 

Visit Loch Lomond

A beautiful lake is situated at a 20-minute drive from the metropolitan. This lake offers great opportunities for canoeing, mountain biking and walking. If you need a break from the urban atmosphere, visit this beautiful lake.

Glasgow Cathedral

It is an exclusive example of Gothic architecture built in 397 AD. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Scotland. The John Knox status dominates a steep hill, Necropolis cemetery” behind cathedral atop. 

Tips to Save Money in Glasgow

If you want to save money, try to visit free museums. Several museums in Glasgow offers free entry, so you can spend a day with Scottish artists. To access bohemian restaurants and shops, visit the west end of Glasgow. This area is cheaper than other zones of the city. 

Pubs offer the best food so you can save money by eating in pubs. Pubs offer delicious food at affordable prices. The couch surf is a fantastic method to save money on accommodations. You can stay with any local to save some bucks. 

Moreover, Glasgow is famous for its beautiful parks offering free entry. You can take advantage of these parks for a picnic with friends. Spend some quality time near rivers, lakes, and castles. Try to use public transport for travel. Uber is cheaper than private taxis to get around Glasgow. With unique codes, you can save good amount on your Uber rides.   

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