Traveling with adult toys

For too long, men were ignored by the sex toy industry. In the past decade, though, Fleshlights, prostate massagers, and perineum stimulators have changed the game. 

Don’t want to leave the fun at home when you travel? Follow the tips below and you’ll get through the airport with no issues. 

(1) Check destination laws

Chances are, this won’t be a problem if you are travelling between destinations in the western world. However, there are nations where the importation of sex toys is against the law. According to sex toy expert John James, not only do you risk having your favourite plaything taken away, you might end up getting detained as well.

To avoid the extreme embarrassment of such a scenario, take a second to check Google. For instance, many nations in Asia (Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc) expressly forbid the importation of sex toys – if your destination appears on such a list, leave your Fleshlight in the closet.  

(2) Disengage any batteries

Taking the Titan or the Autoblow on your beach holiday? Don’t start your trip by having your battery-operated toys exposed in front of your fellow passengers – remove their batteries before placing them in your luggage.

Objects in your bag can get jostled around more than you realize – all it takes is for one wrong movement to trigger the ‘on’ switch. When airport security happens upon your vibrating, they will be compelled to pull it inside for inspection.

In the United States, this can have bigger consequences – flights have been delayed or grounded over a suspected bomb that turned out to be just a vibrator. It takes literally 30 seconds to pop the batteries back in when you arrive, so remove them before you stow them in your bag.  

(3) Act cool

Security agents are trained to look for signs of nervousness in passengers. If you act uncomfortable about carrying sex toys with you, the odds of having your bag inspected go up dramatically.

Relax – it’s 2018, not the 19th century. Very few people will care if you are caught, and even if they do, they’re wrong. It’s laudable for anyone to be practising self-love and choosing alternatives to encounters that risk one’s sexual health and fidelity to a partner. 

(4) Stow them in your checked luggage

Fearing losing their favourite plaything in their airline’s luggage system, some pack their toys in their carry-on bag. Don’t do this, guys – most checked luggage makes it to its final destination on time. 

By placing your toys in the bag that goes under the plane, you’ll be avoiding the embarrassing possibility of having them paraded in front of the entire airport.

Your checked bag still might get inspected, but it will be in a part of the airport away from the general public. Better to have your toys giggled over by two security agents in a private area than by a room full of people that will be on your flight.  

(5) Give app-connected toys a try

Headed somewhere on business for a week? Time away from your partner can be tough, but thanks to advances in sex toy technology, you can still get intimate with each other. 

Take the OhMiBod for example – connected to Bluetooth, it picks up signals sent the internet. This means that your partner thousands of miles away can press buttons that activate and shut off various vibrating sensations – talk about hot!

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