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Larnaca is one of the largest cities in Cyprus and a popular vacation destination for its beaches, monastery, museums, archeological sites, fort, local nightlife, and laid-back vibe. Located in the southern part of the island, the city is between the Mediterranean and Troodos Mountains, at the western end of a crescent-shaped bay. The city has the island’s biggest international airport, which makes it easy to reach Larnaca. This is usually the first place many tourists visit in Cyprus for this reason.

How to Reach Larnaca

Most tourists arrive at the city’s international airport for their trip. It is 6 kilometers from the city center. It is connected to the world by Austrian Airlines, Aeroflot, British Airways, Finnair, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, and many others. Cyprus Airways flies from the city to Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Dubai, Moscow, London, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Milan, Sofia, Rome, Riyadh, Manchester, and many other cities.

You will get taxi, car rental, and bus from the arrival area. The city center is only a 15-minute car ride from the airport. The bus stops near large hotels. Most tourist buses will carry about 100 people. There is also fixed-route taxi service, which runs from 6 AM to 7 PM. You have to reserve your seat over the phone.

Getting Around

The buses and taxis are the best ways of getting around. You will find them on almost all main streets. Taxis can be expensive, though. The fares are supposed to be metered, but many drivers refuse to use them. There is a surcharge after midnight.

You can also rent a car. You will find many rental agencies throughout Larnaca, especially in the touristy areas. Cyprus drives on the left side, like the UK.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Larnaca

Larnaca has a hot Mediterranean climate that remains hot and pleasant almost throughout the year. The average daytime temperature during the summer is 25 ° C with highs of 32 ° C. June, July, August and September are the hottest months. June is also the driest month. It cools down substantially in October. January and February are the winter months. The lows this time of the year can be 12 ° C. Winter is also the wettest time of the year. Summer vacation is the most popular time to visit Larnaca.

Rent a Villa in Larnaca

Where do you stay in Larnaca? Sure enough, you will find many resorts, hotels, and apartments in the city. A private villa can offer you the best accommodation when you travel to Cyprus. You will find many of them throughout the island and also in the city. A villa will offer you the same luxurious comfort of a star-category hotel or resort, but with the additional convenience of complete privacy.

Luckily, there are many private villas in Larnaca with bigger bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, well-equipped kitchen, private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, manicured lawn, garden, terraces with sea views, library, television, housekeeping, chef and butler service, and many modern amenities. You can stay together as a group in complete privacy. A private villa also offers more flexibility and freedom.

Holidays in Larnaca

The city is very relaxed and laid-back. It is much quieter than Ayia Napa, which is the nightlife capital of Cypus and even Paphos. It is one of the most inexpensive resorts on the island. There are many great beaches and several interesting tourist attractions. The city is also close to the island’s hilly and forested interiors. Larnaca is also a great base for exploring the surrounding villages and neighborhoods on your vacation.

Larnaca Attractions

There is a lot to see in and around the city.

  1. Church of St. Lazarus

A late-9th century that was constructed by Emperor Leo VI. See its four domes, ornate iconostasis that are a fine example of Baroque woodcarving, the columns depicting St. Lazarus, and the impressive Icons of the Virgin and Child on your vacation. The church was completely renovated in the 17th century. Across the courtyard from the church is the Byzantine Museum, which houses a collection of religious icons and relics.

  1. Pierides Museum

Cyprus has many museums. Pierides is the oldest on the island. Located in a restored 18th century mansion, it houses a wonderful private exhibition of Cypriot antiquities. There are more than 2,500 exhibits from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages.

  1. Hala Sultan Tekke

A mosque and shrine located just west from the city beside the Larnaca Salt Lake. An important pilgrimage site for Muslims, this mosque honors the prophet Umm Haram, who is said to have died at this site. The current building of the mosque was built by the Ottomans in 1816. Also see the large flocks of flamingos and ducks in the spring.

  1. Archaeological Museum of Larnaca

It houses archeological finds of the region from the Neolithic to the Roman period. The many rooms contain interesting sculptures, ceramics, Mycenaean vases, Roman-era glassware, Neolithic artifacts, and remains from temples that go back to the 13th century BC. There are many displays from the archeological site of ancient Kourion.

  1. Old Turkish Quarter

A major attraction that you don’t want to miss when you travel to Cyprus. See the old white cottages with their flowerpot-studded doorways and colored windows. Explore the narrow winding lanes to find hidden boutiques and ceramic workshops. There is a definite bohemian vibe in this neighborhood.

The Best Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches you will want to visit on your trip. McKenzie Beach, close to the airport, has watersports many bars, cafes, and restaurants. The Salt Lake is also very close. You will find watersports also at Yanathes. Kastella is a Blue Flag beach, popular with families. If you want a more serene and quiet beach, head to Perivolia. It has beautiful secluded coves. Some other beaches include Cape Kiti, Finikoudes, and Finikoudes.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, inscription on sand concept

It is always best to go on a vacation with travel insurance. The island of Cyprus and Larnaca are extremely safe. But still, so much can happen on an overseas trip. You will want to be sure and reduce any risk. Travel insurance will give you this peace of mind so you can enjoy holidays better.

This is even more relevant because of the corona pandemic and lockdown the world has seen. The world is beginning to recover from the severe impact. Travel to Cyprus safely and enjoy your vacation.

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