Travel Tips: Things to Keep in Mind When Travelling With a Knife

Excited about the big trip coming up? Well, you should be! But, do you plan on carrying your knife for your expedition? Self-defence, swiftly opening closed things and survival – knives are handy in a bevvy of ways.

Although it is hard to believe that there would be any restrictions for travelling with such a useful tool, but alas, knives are widely viewed as weapons, so you need to keep in mind certain aspects. Ignoring these aspects can cause a problem as there’s red tape you just can’t cut through.

Flying the friendly skies? Do not worry. We are here for you! Stow before you go.

Have a look at the factors to keep in mind when travelling with a knife for a safe and hassle-free journey!

Legal Point of View

Over the past few years, rules for air travel, check-in luggage, and what can be carried in the cabin have become stricter. So, one thing’s for sure – you can’t wear your machete and board the flight.

Even if you are travelling by road, you can’t carry flip-open knives just like that. Although almost all states allow other knives to be carried openly, every state has different regulations for gravity knives and switchblades.

So, flight or ground travel, make sure you check the local regulations and federal laws regarding carrying a knife. As such, before you travel, you must also have a look at the ordinances of the departure state and city, all passing through states and cities, and lastly the arrival state and city.

The Purpose of Carrying a Knife

If you are heading on a camping trip with your friends, what will work? Obviously, camping knives, and not kitchen knives. So, you need to make sure that you are aware of why you want to carry the knife. Once you identify the purpose, you will be able to carry the right knife on your journey ahead.

Characteristics of the Knife

In addition to the multiple legal regulations, you must factor in certain knife characteristics before choosing the one perfect for carrying on your travels.

  • Folding V/S Fixed blade – Undoubtedly, a fixed blade is stronger and can be used for more than one purpose, but for travelling, a folding kind is convenient.
    Some locations regulate laws based on blade development. A fixed blade is still illegal in certain states and cities in comparison to the foldable one.
  • Type of blade – There are many types of blades – Gut hook, spear point, sheepsfoot blade to name some. Always go for the strong one! For example, the recurve blade can be incorporated into other blade styles and gives a number of cutting options.
  • The material of the handle – The traditional bone and wooden handles are good, but aluminium is preferred mostly because of its durability and high tensile strength. Not to mention, synthetic and rubber handles offer a better grip and are perfect for travel purpose.
  • Size of the blade – Many places restrict larger blade. Make sure that you do not pick a huge blade. It is difficult to carry too. So, go for a knife with a 2 to 3-inch blade, which is good enough to do the majority of the tasks.

Packing the Knife

Properly packing the knife is very crucial. You need to wrap the knife in a case and properly pack in a checked bag so that it doesn’t move around in your luggage.

Properly packing the knife keeps your luggage safe and reduces the chances of you losing the knife to baggage theft.

Bottom Line

Research about knife laws when you are travelling – arrival location’s laws, departure and travel-through laws. Plan well in advance depending upon your mode of travel. And lastly, consider shipping camping knives in UK, if you think travelling with them can be problematic.

Keep these factors in mind before packing your knife and have a safe and sound trip!!

Victoria Brewood

Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world.

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  • Jenny
    Posted at 12:41h, 28 May Reply

    I hate travelling with a knife because it is so much faff and worry it’ll be taken away. But completely agree, especially if you are camping or road tripping, a knife is essential. I’ve not really had any trouble with a folding blade in hold luggage though

    Jenny | Local Leo

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