Travel Tips for a Student Budget

If you are a student at secondary school, College or University, I have wonderful news for you. It’s nearly over for another summer! The summer holidays are fast approaching, that amazing time where you get to forget about your studies (for a little while), and focus on the important things in life: fun, sleep and sunshine! There is so many things you can plan that will result in you having an amazing time this summer. Get yourself to the park as much as possible, see your friends whenever you can, join a sports club and get some exercise in the sun. But for some of us, all of these things are not enough. Yes, there are some that are looking much, much further than their local park down the road. Travelling to another country and soaking in a country and its culture is becoming increasingly popular year on year.

Every time summer comes round, more and more students organise with their friends or by themselves, to jet off to somewhere a bit out of their comfort zone, so that they might learn something new about the world. This is all well and good, as it is an amazing opportunity.

However, a lot of students struggle to manage it financially as they aren’t able to save up a lot of money because they have been studying all year. Well, we have a few suggestions for those students! Hopefully after reading this list, you won’t have any trouble budgeting for your travels!

Stay in hostels

Hostels provide a great way to make friends and travel cheaply. With dorm rooms often costing between $10-$30 per night, you can make your budget travel that bit further PLUS the common areas and hostel bars provide an inviting space to meet new people. Hostelsclub has over 30,000 budget accommodation choices worldwide and offers an easy way to book online. Keep an eye out for Hostels with kitchen appliances like Instapots to avoid having to eat out.

Sell, sell, sell!

You have to be committed if you want to travel the world, and one of the things you should strive to learn about in your travels, is that material possessions aren’t the hugely important thing they’ve been made out to be in our western culture. So, in this same spirit, a great way to help pay for your travelling is to gather some of your stuff together that you don’t use or need any more and sell it! You could do it online on a boot sale app or you could organise to do it in a space on the weekend and try and lure local people in. If you make sure the stuff you are selling is valuable, you’ll make a bit of money in no time, and you’ll get rid of some stuff that you probably don’t really need anyway! When you are travelling you are going to have to travel light anyway, so shedding some unneeded stuff before you go is definitely going to help.

Make money off of your skills

You need to think pragmatically about how you can earn the money you need. For instance, what better way to make a bit of money than to use the skills that you are refining at University! For instance, if you studying Maths, you might want to help younger students with their homework, it should be easy for you as you’ve been practicing much more difficult equations all year! Similarly if you study English you could sign up to a site like Paperial. These sites employ loads of different people from around the world that have expertise in a certain subject. They act as a research paper writing service among many other things, which means that they employ people to help students that seek support. If you worked there, you would be assigned a student to help, you would aid them in writing a report, essay or dissertation and you would be paid for this. This is a great way to earn money, enabling you to budget your travelling money a bit more comfortably. It also gives you a way to keep your writing and reading skills up to date so they don’t get forgotten when you’re jetting off across the world.

Travelling is one of the best experiences you can have. It teaches you about the world and what you can expect from other countries and cultures, but it also teaches you what to expect from yourself when you are put in situations that might be uncomfortable, unpleasant or scary. You need to trust yourself to be ready to thrust yourself into a number of situations, be they fun, terrifying, nerve-racking or all three! But above all else, you’ve got to be able to afford it before you do anything, and if you follow these tips, you’ll come that little bit closer to being able to afford it.

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