Top Cities to Gamble in America

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Since its founding, the USA has been associated with wealth and success. From the California Gold Rush to the ongoing tech boom today, there are many ways to strike it rich in America. 

These methods take patience and years of hard work, though. For generations, those seeking a faster (but far riskier) route to wealth have tried their luck in gambling houses. In modern times, these became casinos, and today, they are tourist attractions and a popular form of entertainment for locals.

However, some cities are better known for their gaming options than others. In this post, we’ll reveal the top cities in America for gambling.

Las Vegas, NV

This city needs no introduction – but we’re writers, so we’ll make one anyway. Las Vegas seems like it has no business being where it is. It sits in the middle of a hot desert with scant water resources. But back in 1905, the Union Pacific railroad established a settlement here. Those in charge had a libertarian bent, which opened the door for the legalization of gambling by the 1930s.

After World War II, growth started to explode, as did the number of casinos. Today, you’ll find 144 casinos, which are split between The Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, and nearby Henderson. The resorts here are far more ambitious than those found elsewhere in the world. In addition to the live shows, you’ll find attractions like The LINQ (the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world) or an indoor botanical garden (at the Bellagio).  

At some point, though, you’ll eventually make it to the casino floor. If you’re not sure how some games work, give them a try on 918kiss. That way, you won’t suffer embarrassment at the blackjack table.

Reno, NV

Las Vegas is an extrovert’s paradise. But not everyone is a fan of that city’s brash, “in your face” style. Reno, found more than 430 miles to the northwest, is far more laid back than its cousin. It features around 20 casinos, including the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino. 

But when you’re not stacking chips at poker or winning a slot jackpot, you won’t be bored. Just 22 miles away is Lake Tahoe – an outdoor lover’s dream destination. From swimming in the summer time to skiing in the winter, you’ll be occupied from dawn ‘til dusk.

Atlantic City, NJ

From the second half of the 20th century onward, Nevada has stolen the gambling show. But before then, another city had established itself as a gaming mecca: Atlantic City. Located along the Jersey Shore, this destination exploited its popularity among NYC residents to become a casino hot spot.
After suffering a slump in the late 20th century, Atlantic City has made a comeback. Its nine casinos may not hold a candle to Vegas or even Reno, but it’s still the densest concentration of gambling on the East Coast.
When you aren’t running the craps table at the Borgata, there are many other things to do in Atlantic City. Its world-famous Boardwalk, midway rides, and beach will give you lots to fill the rest of your time here.

Gambling: America’s Unofficial Sport

There’s just something about putting a ton of money on red (or black) that Americans LOVE. While in the USA, drop by one of their world-famous gaming meccas – you’ll quickly see what the fuss is all about. 

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