05 Mar Top Affordable Destinations for Students

When you’re a student, it can be hard to find a place to travel to that is affordable and enjoyable. Prices are often sky-high for the places that are aesthetically pleasing and easily enjoyable like Paris, London or New York. And once you bring the price down, you really have to keep your eye out for places that will actually be enjoyable! You don’t want to go somewhere that’s going to cause you as much hassle as all that studying does in the school year! But once you find a place that’s affordable, all of that stress, worrying and hardship will melt away, and you’ll be able to relax, take your mind off of work and have some you time! Well here is a few places that will get your holiday ball rolling, places that are affordable as well as enjoyable, so you won’t have to worry about the expense!


So many students are jetting off to Berlin that it can sometimes seem like it’s a bit obvious to travel there yourself. But it’s a must-see for any person looking to travel somewhere that won’t make their pockets too light! Berlin is an incredibly breath-taking place with a really rich history that you can explore as you walk around the amazing city. Its nightlife is incredibly expansive, the clubs that are housed within its walls are known all around the world as the craziest nights out ever! Berghain is one to visit, there is no doubt that you’ll forget all about your studies as you’re dancing the night away in there. There is also a wide range of free attractions to visit, such as museums, galleries and much much more! And you want to know the best part about Berlin? It’s extremely cheap there! It’s one of the cheapest big cities in the EU! One of the main mantras there is ‘poor but sexy’ which sounds too good to be true! Hostels are probably the cheapest method of staying there, and most come with a comfy bed and free WiFi so you can visit youtube for entertainment or papersowl.com to stay up to date and in the know in terms of your studies. For all of these reasons and more, Berlin is a number 1 destination for any student looking for affordable holiday destinations that quench their thirst for nightlife and fun!


Upon the border of Poland and Ukraine, lies a little gem that is making a name for itself as a holiday destination. Lviv is packed full of wonderful things to discover, especially considering it harbours a lot of untapped potential unlike already popular holiday destinations. One amazing thing about Lviv is it’s the city of classical art, with both an Opera and a Philharmonic that will satisfy any lover of classic art and music. St George’s cathedral is another must see, as it contains works by the hugely famous sculptor Johann Georg Pinzel, and there is also a museum dedicated to him as well! This place is so arty, an Art student could walk up to a random person on the street and say write my essay Being that Lviv isn’t one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world, food, hostels and other services remain quite cheap! This makes it an ideal place for students, as it has a rich artistic culture, is affordable, and gives students a chance to discover a place that they may not have heard of before going there! Instead of walking the streets of Paris that are so popular, you can discover some amazing places yourself! For all of these reasons, Lviv is a fantastic holiday location for those studying hard during the year that need a little time to cool off!

There you go, two fantastic suggestions on where to go on holiday once all of those essays, modules, references, seminars and lectures are over! Just because you are a student, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to go to a lovely place and enjoy yourself and forget your troubles! And these suggestions are perfect for all students, they provide a level of intrigue into different cultures, communities and places! And what’s more, these destinations are on the more affordable side, so you can have fun with a friend, significant other or even by yourself, try new foods, meet new people, go to new places, safe in the knowledge you won’t be spending too much!

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