Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations

Tired of trying OTC products to counter hair fall? As there are multiple reasons for balding, the efficiency of the treatments varies from person to person. However, hair transplants are a solution that can work for everyone.

So, why don’t you plan to go with hair transplants? If high cost is stopping you from taking the decision, then you must not be aware of some countries offering the treatments at an unexpectedly low cost. In this article, we will share the options you can consider for recovering the volume of your hair. 

List of 5 Best Destinations for Health Tourism

According to the studies by Medihair, the following countries are known best for hair transplants and here’s why:

1.     UK

If you want to get a hair transplant done by skilled surgeons in a proper hygienic environment, then visiting the UK would be the apt decision. Since their clinics are regulated by CQC, high quality is a guarantee. Also, when visiting developing countries, language barriers and travelling long miles are a problem. In the UK, you can travel easily with no communication challenges.

However, to enjoy their top-notch services, you have to pay hefty sums of money. According to the data, the cost of hair transplant per 2500 grafts is around $8,050 which is far more than other countries. Also, due to limited clinics, you will have to wait for around 6 to 12 months to arrange an appointment. 

Other Popular Treatments

  • Facial fillers
  • Knee replacement
  • Hernia treatment  

2.     India

Visiting India is best for those willing to receive an inexpensive hair transplant. The total cost you will bear is about $3,350 for 2500 grafts. Plus, with some clinics solely focused on hair transplants, you can expect skilled surgeries there.

The most common hair transplant technique in India is FUE. The treatment, though time-consuming, is said to be more efficient than FUT. Nonetheless, the clinics there do not abide by the same hygiene and quality standards as in the UK or USA. Therefore, verifying the clinic’s grade before taking the treatment is mandatory. 

Other Popular Treatments

  • Bone-marrow transplants
  • Cardia bypass
  • Ocular surgery

3.     USA

If you are a health freak, then the quality of services must be the top priority for you. In the USA, strict hygiene and qualification standards are maintained. Hence, you can visit their clinics freely without caring much about quality.

On the flip side, for the provision of high services, the State charges more than twice the average hair transplant cost around the globe. Plus, for visitors, the travelling and residential cost are exorbitant. So, one should expect paying a king’s ransom for affording a hair transplant there.

Other Popular Treatments 

  • Cataract removal
  • Bypass surgery
  • Joint replacement

4.     Mexico

Mexico can be the favorite destination for penny pinchers due to several reasons. Firstly, their transplantation cost per 2,500 grafts is nearly $3,202. Also, it’s an ideal location for Americans as travelling there will be inexpensive.

You can also find some clinics offering affordable packages covering travel, treatment and other commodities costs. Besides, hitting the sunny streets of Mexican city and exploring the beautiful sceneries there would be an experience to remember forever. 

Nonetheless, you must strive for finding quality treatment there unlike the UK or USA where a uniform health standard is secured.

Other Popular Treatments

  • Dental treatments
  • Organ and tissue transplants
  • Cardiac surgeries   

5.     Turkey

Recently, Turkey has been all the rage for offering the most affordable hair transplants in the world. Due to minimal labor and living cost in the country, you can receive a treatment at cost one-third lower than in the UK. Furthermore, the availability of all-inclusive packages makes planning the tour simpler yet cost-effective.

Although affordable, there have been some cases reporting severe outcomes of hair transplants in the country. So, before planning your trip, make sure you book an appointment in the verified and reliable clinics of Turkey.

Other Popular Treatments

  • Liposuction
  • Dental treatment
  • Organ transplant

Medical Tourism: Things to Remember

Enjoying vacations along with receiving health treatments sounds amusing but to fetch the desirable results, taking care of quality control facts is important. For this, inquire about the authenticity of the clinics on the list. This can be done by checking whether the clinic is accredited with JCI or not.

Other than that, you can also confirm the skills of the surgeon by verifying he is a member of BAHRS or IAHRS. Therefore, after getting the surgery done by a reliable clinic, you can have beneficial results with no side effects wherever you go.   

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