Top 5 Experiences at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld is one of Orlando’s most popular attractions, and provides an overall more relaxing experience than some of the other theme parks.

There’s plenty of stuff to do too. You can experience a pulse-racing ride on the Manta Flying Roller Coaster, feed the park’s dolphins at Dolphin Cove, go on a 3D journey to see life through the eyes of a vulnerable sea turtle, watch killer whales perform in the ‘One Ocean’ Shamu show and take a behind the scenes tour to see how SeaWorld cares for rescued sea turtles and manatees.

Since I love anything to do with the water and the ocean, SeaWorld Orlando was definitely my favourite theme park.

1. Turtle Trek

Manatee at Turtle Trek in Seaworld Orlando

Turtle Trek is a cool new addition to SeaWorld Orlando. First we got to see manatees and turtles up-close, then we put on our 3D glasses and watched a 360-degree show to see life from a turtle’s point of view. We discovered what it’s like to be a sea turtle, from hatching on the beach to the hazards and dangers they face as they try to survive in the wild.

2. Manta

Manta ride at Seaworld Orlando

I was too much of a chicken to go on the Manta ride since it looks pretty intimidating, especially when I caught sight of the head-down, face-first drop!  However the others in my group assured me it was lots of fun! Apparently you feel like you are flying and gliding over the the theme park just like a Manta Ray!

3. Feed the dolphins

Dolphin Feeding at Seaworld Orlando Florida

At Dolphin Cove you get to experience an up-close encounter with SeaWorld’s bottlenose dolphins. At specific times of the day, you can feed them and watch them play!

4. ‘One Ocean’ Killer Whale Show

One Ocean Killer Whale Show at Seaworld Orlando

Whilst the music was exceptionally cheesy, I really enjoyed the ‘Once Ocean’ Shamu killer whale show. The killer whales perform to music and do all sorts of tricks such as jumping out of the water in unison and spraying the audience with water. I know there’s a lot of controversy about the safety of the trainers working with the killer whales, but these days the trainers do not perform in the water with them.

5. Behind the scenes tour

A stretcher behind the scenes at Seaworld

The Behind the Scenes tour takes you to see some of SeaWorld’s rescued turtles and manatees, as well as the equipment used in the rescue of these marine animals. Our tour guide introduced us to some of the park’s new additions, and told us how they are being cared for.

For more information about Florida, see the Visit Florida website and find them on Facebook. This trip to Florida was with Virgin Holidays.

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