Top 10 Most Annoying Habits by Travelers

Traveling should be a nice experience. However, there have been times when fellow travelers have made the experience horrible for others. It is imperative that as a traveler, you should be careful and not do anything that may make a fellow traveler be uncomfortable and not enjoy the trip. Consequently, it is imperative to know some of the things you should not do when you’re traveling. Otherwise, it would make no sense to go for expedited passport renewal services just to go and become a nuisance to other travelers. Below are some of the most annoying habits most travelers make. Kindly be careful to watch out for them so that you don’t become a nuisance and create a bad experience for other travelers.

Being adamant with the carry-on bag

Carrying a bag into the plane should be for your convenience but it should not be the cause of annoying others while on the plane. In as much as you are allowed to carry in any bag of your choice, you should be considerate enough to carry a nicely sized one which you can easily handle when in the plane, and if possible, you should keep it in the overhead bins. By not keeping the bag in the appropriate place, you end up taking too much space belonging to other passengers and if the bag is too big, it will be a great source of inconvenience for them. Therefore if you have to carry bag inside the plane be sure it is about isn’t size and that will place it or in the overhead bins.


It’s always nice to have a word with your seatmate, especially if you’re in for a very long flight. However, you need to know when they’re in the moods for talking and that’s only when you’re allowed to talk with them. It is, however, sad that most people will keep on striking a conversation even if the people they are trying to talk to shows no interest. You end up making it so difficult for them to enjoy the trip because you become a nuisance.  Always be sure that if you have to go to strike a conversation, then the party you willing to talk to is also willing to talk to you. Don’t try forcing conversation during flights at some people may not like them.

Poor seat etiquette

It’s always important to remember that you’re not flying on a private jet, and so you should never behave as if you are in one. Essentially, a plane is a shared public space and it’s important to know how you should treat yourself so that you don’t annoy the neighbor. One of the things you must never do is to adjust your seat during meal times. This is because the person sitting directly behind you may be using their table and by changing or adjusting your seat, you may make them spill over their food and this is not a polite thing to do to someone wearing the plane.  Again, in as much as it is right to adjust the seat, be sensitive to the persons seated behind you. For example,if they are too tall, they may need more leg room, and if you adjust your seat to the maximum, it could be uncomfortable for them.

First Class starting at the rabble

If you’re booked first class, it is important to keep the first class and stop staring down at the people boarding the couch. Just remember that everyone bought their air tickets and they have equal rights to fly on that plane, so stop looking when they are boarding. It is not appropriate as you may elicit some negative relations. If anything anyone can afford first class so don’t think is the best place to be in the entire universe. Always be humble and don’t look down at them suggestively.

The Drunkard

There’s nothing as annoying as sharing a seat with a drunkard. It is always surprising how people have the guts to get right and get on the flights. In as much as it is your right and you can drink whatever you want, you should always know that you are inconveniencing fellow travelers by being drunk and sitting beside them. This is because sometimes you fall asleep and since you’re out of control yet be bumping into them each and every time you lean on either side. Now, this is not a very nice way to treat someone especially if you’re traveling for a long distance and you have to spend a lot of hours on the flight. Therefore, avoid getting drunk while flying. You can reserve all you want to drink until you reach your next destination.

Asking for favors

Asking for favors while traveling is another annoying habit you must stop if you have been doing. Everytime you travel, just know that others would always love to maintain their peace and would love that you talk to them only when necessary. Therefore, you should not just go about asking for favors, thinking that you have a right to do that. For example, you don’t need to ask to change your sheets with somebody else simply because you think or you don’t like where you’re sitting. Again if somebody is not placing anything another seat, you don’t have any right to ask them to place your stuff under their seat. For Christ’s sake, it’s under the seat, and you have any business, whatsoever, in trying to stuff your items under there. Just know that when you are going for expedited passport renewal services, you will meet other travelers, and don’t become a nuisance to them by asking unnecessary favors.

Displaying workaholic habits

There is nothing wrong with spending the traveling time to catch up with some of your work or trying to keep some of your professional tendencies during the flight. However, you should always keep them to yourself. In most cases, your seatmates are not interested in knowing who you are or what to do for a living or even trying to tell them that you are working hard on the flight by shuffling papers left to right and center.  Just be sure to keep everything to yourself and everyone will enjoy the flight.

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