Tips for Women on Solo Road Trips

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when someone mentions a road trip? I always picture that scene from almost every cheesy comedy, where friends just jump into the car and sing along to some ‘80s rock song while heading who knows where. Although hitting the road with your girlfriends is undisputedly fun, driving solo can also be a real adventure.

During this trip you will have to be a one-(wo)man-band. You will be the driver, the DJ, the person in charge of the snacks and the navigator. Therefore, before you throw your suitcase in the trunk, make sure you are well prepared for your solo journey. I order to have a safe, fun and memorable trip, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Make sure someone knows about your plans

Before you head out, tell your parent, friend or a relative about your plans and give them your itinerary. Make sure you check in with that person when you reach your destination, so they know everything is okay.

Travel during the day

It is a well-known fact that most accidents happen during the night, so try to travel during the day. Being alone on the road in the middle of the night when you are sleepy is a recipe for a disaster. Therefore drive during the day, when you are well rested and your vision is not compromised.

Carry Backup Electronics

Do you really want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone battery? Bring backups for your batteries and chargers and lessen your chances of getting stranded. You can also charge an old phone and put it in your glove compartment, you know, just in case. Even if it cannot connect to a network you will be able to use it to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Get your car checked

When you are a woman traveling solo, asking strangers for help because your car broke down in the middle of the road is not a great idea. Your safety comes first so make sure you don’t get yourself in this type of situation. Instead, get your vehicle checked over by a licensed mechanic and make sure everything is in order. Tools like jump starters and tire inflators should have their place in your trunk, so if you are not familiar with the equipment necessary for a safe road trip check out resourceful sites such as DrivrZone and see what you need to bring with you.

Bring enough food and water

Even though according to the Internet there are plenty of gas stations along your route, make sure you bring plenty of healthy, nutritious snacks and water. Since you can never be sure whether you will find a suitable stop along the way, it is a good idea to be prepared. Some people even pack coolers for long road trip, so you can also consider that option.

Pack an emergency kit

Even if you have perfect weather conditions, accidents can happen so be sure to pack an emergency kit. In order to be prepared for any type of situation, bring a first-aid kit, blankets, and roadside hazard assistance like flares and cones. You never know what can happen on a long road trip, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep yourself entertained

You shouldn’t talk on the phone with your friends while driving, so you will need to find other ways to keep yourself entertained. Bringing along plenty of CDs and audiobooks will help you stay alert and avoid drowsy eyes. 

Take breaks

Do not be a daredevil and drive for too long without taking any breaks. In order to stay focused you need to get some rest every once in a while, otherwise you will be much more prone to accidents. 

Have fun

Hitting the road all by yourself has many upsides. No one will change the radio station the moment your favorite jam comes on and no one will stop you from visiting a roadside attraction you want to see. You can use the time you are on the road to get to know yourself a little bit better, have fun and spoil yourself.

Maybe those girls in movies just jump into a car and hit the road, but in reality a solo road trip requires planning and patience. Therefore, follow these tips and ensure that your journey is a memorable one.

Victoria Brewood
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Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world.

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