Tel Aviv Israel - Tips for Visiting Tel Aviv Like a Local

Tips for Visiting Tel Aviv Like a Local

I have really good memories of my trip to Tel Aviv – this city has some of the best nightlife I’ve ever seen in Europe, and when you combine that with sunshine and good beaches, it makes for a great time.

I’ve already written about some of my favourite things to do in Tel Aviv but if you want to tour the city like a local, here are some of my top tips:

Eat an Israeli Breakfast

Benedict Tel Aviv

I love, love, love breakfasts in Tel Aviv. It’s one of the things I remember most about Israel in general. Forget bacon and waffles or greasy fry-ups, the breakfast in Israel is super healthy and fresh, with hummus, salads, feta cheese, tzatziki and lots of mezze dishes. Many of the hotels have brilliant buffet breakfasts, or you can try a restaurant such as Benedict or Manta Ray to start your day out right.

Stay in an apartment

I really enjoy staying in apartments while I’m travelling because it allows me to feel like I actually live there. Not only are apartment rentals often cheaper than hotels, they also have kitchen facilities so you can cook your own meals. I usually book with AirBnB – you can use my promo code to get £30 off your first stay:

If you’re backpacking on a budget, Abraham Hostel is the most popular hostel in town. Or, if you’re looking for a boutique hotel there are many – I’d recommend Brown TLV Urban Hotel or Hotel Montefiore.

Dance till dawn

Israelis in Tel Aviv love to party. The city is known for its “party till dawn” nightlife, so make sure you don’t go out too early! Florentin St. is a hipster area with tattoo parlours and graffiti, which after sunset becomes one of the busiest nightlife areas in Tel Aviv with lots of small, local bars. Tel Aviv of course has many awesome bars and clubs across the city – you might want to try Radio EPGB, Kuli Alma or for a good night out on the town. If you’re looking for the best craft cocktails, Imperial Cocktail Bar in The Imperial Hotel is home to veteran bartenders, Asian-colonial inspired cuisine and an eclectic playlist ranging from jazz to rock n’ roll.

Stop for coffee on Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

Strolling down Rothschild Boulevard is always a pleasant experience – I love watching people walk their dogs and seeing the cyclists fly past. There are lots of little coffee stands along the leafy pedestrian walkway, but you must also pay a visit to Rothschild 12, which is always packed on weekends.

Play Maktot on the Beach

Tel Aviv Beach - tips for visiting Tel Aviv like a local

Tel Aviv has lots of awesome beaches, which is what makes it such a great city to visit. You have the best of both worlds – lounging on the beach by day, then partying all night long. Israelis love to play a game of “Maktot”, which in the UK we’d call paddle ball. It’s a game of two people, where each person has a small racket and hits a lightweight plastic ball back and forth without dropping it.  Popular beaches in Tel Aviv include Hilton Beach, Gordon Beach, Banana Beach and  Frishman Beach. 

Get Local Tips from Gooster

Gooster Chatbot

Have you ever heard of Facebook Messenger Chatbot? I hand’t…until now.

A chatbot is basically an automated conversation you can have via a company’s Facebook page – all you have to do is click the chatbot and start a conversation.

I discovered this Gooster Messenger Chatbot, which gives top tip, tricks and recommendations for travellers visiting the cities of Tel Aviv, Berlin or Amsterdam.

Just hit “Get Started” and then the chatbot begins chatting with you. Gooster will then let you discover food, sights and culture, nightlife or shopping within the city of your choice.

If I select Tel Aviv, then the food category, this is what I see.

Gooster Chatbot Tel Aviv

I can then learn more about each one, including directions or contact details. I can also get Gooster to give me a tip about the place.

Just to be clear, it’s not a conversation with a real person – it’s basically powered by artificial intelligence, giving you all the information you need to know. It’s pretty awesome and cool though – I had no idea you could do this until now. Definitely worth checking out.

Enjoy Tel Aviv!

Cafe in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an easily walkable city with an outdoor culture – expect to spend lots of time sitting in street side cafes, sunbathing on the beach or strolling around leafy neighbourhoods such as Neve Tzedek. From dusk till dawn, there is always something to do!

Have you travelled to Tel Aviv? What are your favourite things to see and do?

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